The Five Investments Your Teen Will Really Thank You For

The Five Investments Your Teen Will Really Thank You For

What might your teenager find a passion for that lasts a lifetime? Pic from Pexels

They say the teenage years are the hardest. That’s for the parents, not the teenager themselves! In fairness, it’s probably quite challenging all around. After all, these are the most important years of their lives. These are the moments that shape their adult life. Your investment in them now can have quite a significant impact on how they adjust to independent life. And, of course, you want to put your money where it will be most appreciated for years to come!


There is a misconception that paying for the very best schools and degrees will guarantee a well-rounded adult. You never hear of all the dropouts and failures, but like any school, they happen. This type of academic investment might give your teen a better network. But consider how much experience in other areas of life they might be getting elsewhere. Money can’t buy them all. But it is worth investing in taster sessions for as many different activities like sports, arts, and social events as you can offer. More exposure and choice to everything there is in life can be valuable.

Healthy Teeth

Nobody loves brushing their teeth when they’re a teen. But no adult enjoys the lifetime of fillings and misaligned teeth that come from a lack of care during their teenage years. Braces for teenagers don’t have to be visible, but the effects of them will be for life. Of course, once the braces come off, you might have to nag a little to make sure the retainer serves its purpose. Teeth are much easier to clean and prevent staining when they’re straight.

The Five Investments Your Teen Will Really Thank You For flower

Fix a problem smile before she ever thinks of it as a problem. Pic from Pexels

A Great Room

Nag mode is the default setting when you ascend the stairs toward your teen’s bedroom. It does you no good to endlessly ‘ask’ your teen to tidy up. A carefully thought out design might make it easier for your son or daughter to use their bedroom more appropriately. This space often doubles up as a study area and a place to entertain friends. Then, of course, they’re expected to sleep well in that same room. If you can clearly divide the space so sleeping is easier to achieve, they’ll thank you all through their exams and beyond.


Investing your hard-earned cash into their savings account will help them out enormously. The earlier you start, the more interest it can earn. It will also save you from digging deep should they need help with college fees in the future. This little pot of money buys them choices. All teens need a little encouragement to make up their mind, but nothing is worse than having no options to choose. This is why cash can help them dream a little more about a future possible thanks to your investment.

A Pet

Regardless of your choice of animal, a pet in their early teens will quickly help them to learn about responsibilities. It also benefits their emotional and empathetic development. Most importantly, a pet provides a best friend willing to listen for hours about the latest boyfriend or girlfriend trouble. Which of these investments will your teen thank you for the most?


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