Critical thinking in the context of using parenting portals


The way how modern technologies collect, process, and sort out information is magnificently advanced. That is the reason for data is the most powerful tool for influence in all the spheres of human lives. But for the same reason, people (and particularly parents) should know how to use this data and information for good. So how to apply critical thinking to using such parenting platforms as

What is critical thinking?

First, let’s clarify the term critical thinking. According to Edward M. Glaser, critical thinking is a tool that people use (or can use) to form a vision of a certain situation and consequently – develop an opinion. This tool is based on analysis of everything related to a situation (from generally known truths to empiric observations and opinions). 

The analysis includes logical reflection and estimation of given arguments. In the context of parenting, more intuitive ways of filtering information can be applied. But the baseline principle is to find out if a source of information is reliable and trustworthy. 

What aspects should you consider while using parenting portals?

Parenting portals are websites where parents provide information to guide other parents in different spheres that touch on raising children and not losing themselves. They can include diverse content in the feed, where the most popular variations are the following:

  • scientific-review or popular articles related to health (both physical and mental), behavior, socializing, making first steps, and many others;
  • open discussion “rooms” that are similar to or actually are forums;
  • contact and organizational information that describes places, institutions, and events where children can get an education and develop their talents;
  • opinion articles and publications.

Many of these include opinions or rethinking of scientific research, so it’s necessary to perceive all the information through the prism of a personal mindset, a vision of life, and experience. Trying to apply some recommendations without adapting them to the particular situation may be harmful to both the child and the parent.

Taking the most out of platforms for parents

To get the best of parenting platforms, you can consider the following steps:

  1. Read and find a second opinion on the same topic – it gives a broader vision.
  2. Analyze the source of information – if it is research, an experience, or just an opinion without any factual confirmation.
  3. Verify (if necessary and possible).
  4. Summarize – take out the bottom line of all you learned.
  5. Adapt – think of how to apply this knowledge to your case.
  6. Implement – try the knowledge in action.
  7. Analyze the outcome. 

By doing so, you get a full-fledged experience and remain informed and reasonable.

Websites providing helpful information for parents are fantastic tools that facilitate many challenges people face while raising children. But as with every other sphere where information plays a crucial role, here – the analysis is the underlying action. Stay critical and happy by using parenting portals, and take the most out of their opportunities with DaBest Portal!


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