Stay Warm: Three Remedies To A Cold House

Stay Warm: Three Remedies To A Cold House

Stay Warm: Three Remedies To A Cold House

Say goodbye to the cold; this is what the winter months should look like (image:

Ever wondered why every winter you find it difficult to get rid of that cold? You are the last one to contract it, true, but when this is with you it’s ever so hard to get rid of it. Every year 2,000 people in the US die from weather-related conditions. Of these deaths, a whopping 63 percent are caused by the winter cold. Whilst the cold tends to affect mainly the elderly and children, no one is safe from its effects and it is wise to ensure you take as many steps as possible in its prevention.

It is no surprise that a warm house will help you feel less cold and it is as a result of this that you should put your efforts into making your home a cosier and hotter place during the winter months. Below we tell you how you can ensure your home feels warmer without having to spend lots of money.

Install flooring underlay

Flooring underlay is something that will help you and those around you keep warm. This specifically engineered wood flooring underlay will keep moisture away from your home and make sure you and your family don’t feel the cold in the winter months. Aside from preventing moisture from being a regular visitor to yours, flooring underlay will also stop harmful mold from growing thanks to its unique dimple design. If you weren’t convinced about its uses already, know that it also does a great job insulating sound.  

Invest in warmer fabrics for your furnishings

Very few things ensure your house stay warm like fabrics do. Whether it’s wool or cotton, these have the ability to ensure your place doesn’t cool down. You might have loads of cushions on the sofa already and some beautiful curtains that hang from both window sides but these serve no purpose if they are unable to keep your home warm. If they don’t add a few degrees to your interiors’ temperature levels, this  might be because they are made of polyester or nylon. Invest in wool or cotton fabrics to furnish your home. The fibers in these will help you keep your rooms at optimal temperature levels.

What about that fireplace?

You might have been dreaming of having a fireplace in your home for as long as you have been a homeowner. If you have failed to see the returns this would bring you, then look again. About 2.5 million households in the US used wood-burning as their primary source to keep their homes warm in 2013. That was just 2 percent of households in America but it was also, nonetheless, a 39 percent increase since the turn of the century. According to experts, wood is the most inexpensive fuel source by far and it is because of this that you would be saving on your gas bill if you decided to invest in a fireplace. Do any of these take your fancy?  


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