Choosing Your Mattress

Choosing Your Mattress


Your bed is the most important piece of furniture you will ever own. It is the place where we spend a third of our day, and because of this it needs to be the most comfortable and supportive piece of furniture we can get. To choose the perfect mattress, there are a lot of different things we need to consider, and it can get pretty confusing with the different types of mattress available to us. However, here are some of the basics you need to know.


The first and foremost thing you get to seek to a mattress is a real comfort. Support and other issues would be less efficient if you don’t get desired plush along with a bed. Sleepers are to stay there for an extended period, and that’s because you have to find those mattresses offer proper comfort, expected body support and environment conscious materials. has experts views regarding the issue.


The most important decision to make when choosing a mattress to suit you is Marketing sure it is supportive enough. You will be able to look at the mattress’ core in order to find the right one for you. The most common types of core are air filled, springform, latex and foam. House Method provides reviews on different types of mattress so you can see which ones are the best.

A bit of bounce

If you like your bed with a bit of a bounce to it, an innerspring mattress will be a good choice for you. You can choose how bouncy you want it to be by looking at the number of springs in the mattress. Typically it will range from 12 to 18 springs- with 18 allowing for more compression. Usually larger people will prefer having less metal coils because it keeps the mattress firm and supportive.

A firm base

Memory foam is one of the less springy options for a mattress. It is usually only the top layer which will mould to your body as you lie down, and then the rest will stay firm and supportive. To determine the quality of a memory foam mattress you will need to look at the thickness of the foam and the density. For thickness, it will be between 2-6 inches, 6 being better. For the density you will either get 3 or 5 pounds per cubic foot. 5 is the best quality as it provides more structure and support to the mattress.

A buoyant mattress

As far as firmness of the mattress goes, latex ones are pretty similar to that of memory foam. However latex does tend to give you more of a print back when you move. Latex is generally used by those who have allergies because it is antimicrobial and resistant to mould and mites.

Make your own choice

you can buy air filled mattresses which allow you to control how firm of soft you want the mattress to be. You can even buy ones which have two separate chambers next to each other so that you and your partner can both have different air pressure on your side of the bed.

Your lifestyle

The second thing you will have to think about when choosing your mattress is how you sleep.

If you sleep on your side, you will want a mattress which mounds to the body and supports your weight. Mattresses such as a memory foam one are ideal because they will still give you the support you need but they will also conform to your body shape perfectly- keeping your spine aligned as you sleep.

If you sleep on your stomach you will want to have a mattress which is firm and supportive, because the last thing you want is to sink into your mattress as if you are being eaten! Think about your breathing and keep the mattress firm such as an air filled or spring mattress

If you sleep on your back you will need something which is supportive and firm, but also allows your spine to stay flat as your sleep to avoid damage to your posture. It may take you a few trips to the store to try out different types of mattress until you find what you want. It can be very subjective to each individual.

If your partner is a bit of a fidget at night, you will want to find a mattress which gives you dual air chambers to suit both you and them separately. Latex and air filled mattresses tend to have a good stability about them so if your partner is moving around a lot in the night, it is less likely to wake you up.

If you get way too hot when you are in bed, you will want to avoid soft mattresses because they will hold in hot air and keep you snug. Instead you will be better off with a firm mattress which will let the heat out and allow you to sleep in peace.


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