How to Choose the Perfect Leather Sofa for Your Space


When it comes to living room furniture, it’s hard to beat the clean lines and durability of a leather sofa. Poly & Bark sells high-quality leather furniture designed to last through years of daily use. That’s great if you don’t want to invest in new furniture every few years, but it also means you need to find the right couch for your space. Before shopping, learn how to choose the right size, shape, and color to make your room look great.

Furniture Style

Furniture style trends come and go, but some have more staying power than others. Be sure to choose a style you are prepared to live with for a while. If you aren’t careful, a trendy sofa can look dated in a few years.

Modern and mid-century modern styles have stood the test of time and continue appearing in fashionable homes. Clean profiles, varied materials, and creative colors combine to bring functionality to the forefront of each mid-century modern leather sofa.

Sofa Sizes

You should also understand sofa sizes, how they affect seating capacity, and how they work with the surrounding space. The smallest leather sofas you’ll find are about 72 inches long, while others might be closer to 100 inches. The difference between the two could mean seating an extra person, which is important if you entertain frequently but less so if you tend to have few guests.

Room size also affects sofa width. Smaller homes might benefit from a petite apartment-sized leather couch. On the other hand, the same sofa can easily get lost in an expansive open-concept house. A good rule of thumb is to choose a couch about two-thirds the length of the wall it will occupy. Remember, too large a couch will overwhelm a room, but one that is too small will seem out of place.

Seat depth is another size consideration when selecting living room furniture. It affects how each piece looks in a room and how they are used. For example, a 40-inch-deep sofa might be great for lounging comfortably, but it can easily overwhelm a space, even if it is a good length.

Room Accessories

Include accessories and other furniture when envisioning how your new leather couch will look in your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Small area rugs can get lost in front of a large sofa, so choose one that extends beyond the couch’s width.
  • Watch out for arm size and shape. End and coffee tables should be a good height to make placing and retrieving items accessible from your seat.
  • Be aware of how color impacts the appearance of a sofa in your room. Light colors help a large sofa blend in so you can have extra seating without dominating a space.

Create your Own Style with Leather Sofas from Poly & Bark

Visit Poly & Bark for a great selection of mid-century leather couches that let you showcase your personal style. They have what you need to make your space new, from petite apartment-sized pieces to larger sofas perfect for entertaining.


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