The Fashion Secrets No One Talks About

The Fashion Secrets No One Talks About

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If you’re becoming a little disillusioned with your style and the clothes you wear all the time, it could be a good idea to start making big changes right about now. But how can you do that if you don’t really know where you’re going wrong and what needs to change? Well, these fashion secrets will help you out, and you might not have realised their importance until right now, so read on.

Focus on the Image You Want to Project

Fashion is all about making statements, so you need to remember that every time you get dressed and head out into the world, you’re saying something and projecting an image of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that; everyone does it. Your focus should be on improving the kind of image you want to project to the world. If you can get this right, it will serve you well for a very long time to come.

Build a Wardrobe of Versatility

If you’re currently in the process if rebuilding your wardrobe and changing how you look, one of the most important things to focus on is the versatility of your clothing choices. Staple items in your wardrobe will become staple items because they are able to work with different things and within different contexts. Nothing matters as much as your ability to change things up and short notice.

Proportionality is Essential

Finding the clothes that work for your body shape is important, and this all comes down to proportionality. If a fashion items makes your body look out of proportion in some way, it’s safe to say this isn’t the fashion item for you. It’s one of the most essential things of all and you shouldn’t dismiss or underestimate it. Learn more about these issues at

Small Tweaks Make a Huge Difference

All top fashion designers understand the importance of making minor changes to the fit and length of a clothing item. Taking it in a little can completely change the way a clothing item looks on your body. Places like can help you with those kinds or fixes if you need support with this kind of thing. The smallest tweaks and changes really can have the biggest impact.

Layering and Textures Are What You Need in Winter

With winter upon us, it’s worth thinking about what needs to change in order for you to look the part during those long winter months. In truth, what matters most of all is two things: layering and textures. You don’t necessarily even need to invest in different clothing items for the winter as long as you’re good at the art of layering. Introduce some new and interesting textures and you’re ready to go. Another fashion trend that no-one talks about is personalised watch straps, instead of sticking to the stock watch strap. Why not go for something a little more extravagant such as a watch strap from Paul Twice.

The Fashion Secrets No One Talks About

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Fashion can be complex, and you’re not going to get it right 100% of the time. But now you know some of the key secrets, you can start to implement them and see the benefit every day of the week.


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