Home Improvement Tips: How to Clean and Give Your Windows a Shiny Look

Home Improvement Tips: How to Clean and Give Your Windows a Shiny Look

More often than not, when it comes to cleaning homes, most people will clean the floors, wipe the kitchen tops, clean the microwave, wipe the surfaces and clean the bathroom. However, most people will not remember to clean their windows and those that remember see it as a taxing thing and end up ignoring it in the long run.

Believe it or not, your windows deserve to be spotless and shiny just like your tiled floors or kitchen tops. So, anytime you want to do some general cleaning at home or in the office, ensure that windows are in your checklist. However, it is true that windows are not easy to clean; but we have a window cleaning Houston protocol that you can use to give your windows a sparkle and a shiny look.

That said, here are 5 important steps for cleaning your windows. Keep reading…

  • Start from the outside to get rid of all the stubborn stains –Outside windows are more prone to stubborn stains because they are open to bird droppings, rain water stains, and other elements that will leave a lot of dirt and grime sitting on the panes. Using water, a window cleanser and a soft sponge, scrub off the stains. If the stains seem too stubborn, spray vinegar on them and let it sit for about 10 minutes then wipe it off with your sponge.
  • After the stubborn stains are gone, you can clean the entire window working from the outside to the inside – With your sponge, cleanser and water, ensure that all windows are cleaned. If you don’t have a window cleanser, you can use warm water, vinegar and dishwashing liquid soap, or you can call a professional service such as Archer Window Cleaning to do the cleaning job for you.
  • After cleaning, rinse off the sponge and use it to rinse and dry the windows. Or better yet, you can use a rubber blade on the squeegee to wipe the excess water and dry your windows. However, experts say that there are some squeegees whose rubber blades are rough and might end up scratching your windows. So, before you can use it to wipe off the water, ensure that the rubber blade is not too sharp or too rough for your windows.
  • Wipe off the water that spilled on the ground – Obviously, cleaning windows can be a bit messy. You will have water and dirt spills all over the place. After cleaning the windows, ensure that you wipe off the water spills and remove any dirt that might have fallen while cleaning your windows.

And because of the mess that you will have to deal with after cleaning the windows, it is advised that you clean the windows before cleaning the floors. When you are done with the windows, wipe off the water that dripped on your walls and then finish by cleaning the floors. At the end of it, you should have your house looking and smelling fresh.

  • Repeat this every two to three weeks depending on how dusty your area is.


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