Holiday Havoc: How to Unwind This Holiday Season

Holiday Havoc How to Unwind This Holiday Season

By Thomas Nguyen

Everyone loves the holidays: the overindulgence of good food, the copious amounts of festive decorations likely to be seen from space and, of course, the memories made with family and friends. While the holiday season exudes joy and happiness, it can also be extremely overwhelming and time consuming. Sometimes you just need to separate yourself from the family to kick back, relax, and enjoy some quality “me” time. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our top 4 ways to unwind from the craziness of the holiday season:

Curl Up and Watch Your Favorite Movie

When you’re at your breaking point from listening to your relatives banter or your cousins fight, take some alone time and watch one of your favorite movies…or five. If you haven’t completely expended yourself from watching every holiday movie ever made, throw in a DVD in your home theater to mentally head off to a place that isn’t your in-laws. If the holidays have worn you out entirely, it’s definitely time to relax with some mindless movie watching that will leave you relaxed and ready to re-engage with your relatives.

Get Cozy With A Good Book

If reading is more your speed, make your home theater space a place for solitude and get lost in a good book of your choice. Books have a way of drawing you into a world that isn’t your own and filtering out any mental clutter or tension that you may have. It’s almost a guarantee that, as you sit in your favorite reading spot, you will begin to lose yourself between the pages of your favorite novel. While the chaos that comes with relatives and family members ensues around you, you’ll be able to recharge in a space that’s all your own, in a fictional or nonfictional world that’s far from holiday shopping and political conversations with your Uncle Steve.

Explore the Outdoors On Your Own

Once you’ve gotten too many questions about why you’re still single or what your future

goals are, you might start to feel a little trapped indoors. A great way to unwind from any level of stress and anxiety is to simply enjoy some time outdoors, or maybe just feel like you’re outdoors. By no means do you need to conquer your city’s most difficult mountain hike or run a half marathon, but simply removing yourself from the situation and taking a walk down your street or stroll around town will be a surefire way of getting your mind off of the holiday stress. Can’t get outside? Turn your home theater into a stargazing space and kick your recliner all the way back to enjoy feeling like you’re communing with nature.

Jam Out to Your Favorite Music

When you’ve made it back from your walk around the neighborhood, you may still feel

the overwhelming stress of the holiday season hanging over you. This is a great time to put your home theater to use and blast your favorite feel good music. Whether this means you’re jamming out to more holiday tunes, pop, or heavy metal, turn the volume up as loud as it can go and let the good times roll. The good news is your home theater is already equipped with a great sound system and comfortable seating, and with the addition of soundproof panels, you’ll be able to keep the fun going all night without waking up the neighbors. So, whether you want to have a solo dance party or melt into your reclining chair, getting lost in your favorite songs is an easy and fun way to release that pent-up holiday stress.

There’s no doubt that the holidays are a time of year that bring joy and happiness to families across the country. Whether it’s buying gifts for those you love, cooking your favorite meals, or going on festive outings, the holiday season is something to look forward to. Take a turn at a few of our holiday tips and tricks to make it to the finish line of 2017 stress free!


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