The Magic behind Evaporative Air Coolers

Evaporative Air Coolers

An evaporative air cooler is a cooling machine that is used to cool off the temperatures in your home and/or office space through the evaporation of water.Evaporative air coolers have become a necessity, especially for homes and offices that are crowded. But before you can get an evaporative cooling system for your home and/or work place, you must understand how this system works. So, keep reading.

An evaporative air conditioning system uses evaporation to cool the air in the atmosphere. In most evaporative coolers, there is a pump that is meant to circulate water from the coolers reservoir on to a specially designed cooling pad. The cooling pad then gets wet, forcing the cooler fan to draw the air from outside the unit through the wet pad. As the air passes through the moist pad, it is cooled before it is released back to the atmosphere. That is what is referred to as air cooling by evaporation.

To ensure that your evaporative cooling machine effectively cools off the air, ensure that all the cooling pads are wet at all times. It is also important to check if the unit fan is working before the system can run. By so doing, your evaporative cooling system will give you a cool breeze similar to one that you would get by the lake or ocean.

The benefits of an evaporative cooler compared to conditioners that use refrigerant gas and compressors is that they are ecofriendly, cheaper, portable and they consume very little electricity. That said, evaporative air conditioning Adelaide is something worth looking into.

How to choose an evaporative air cooler

  • Choose depending on the size of your space – The bigger the space, the bigger the evaporative cooler should be. By getting a small cooler for an extremely large area, it will be expensive instead of being convenient and affordable.
  • Choose depending on your budget – How much are you willing to spend on your evaporative cooler. There are different options available for you on the market and they also come in different price ranges. It is therefore important for you to go for what is affordable without compromising on performance.

If truth be told, it would be better to go for a quality second hand evaporative cooler than buy a new but poor quality cooler. So, new or used, the bottom line is to find a cooler whose performance is on point without breaking the bank.

  • Choose depending on the maintenance requirements – Since normal wear and tear is common in all cooling systems, maintenance and repair costs are inevitable. However, you can reduce maintenance, repair and replacement costs by choosing an evaporative cooler that is strong, durable and long lasting.

To conclude, when you have your evaporative air cooler up and running, it is important for you to clean it regularly. This is the best shot you have at ensuring that the cooler works effectively and also to ensure that you maintain its value just in case you need to sell it and get a new one.


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