Storage Hunting At Home – Getting More From The Family Lounge

Storage Hunting At Home – Getting More From The Family Lounge living room

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Storage is one of the biggest concerns in any family home, not least when it comes to the living room spaces. Without suitable solutions, the lounge can start to feel overpacked and unable to satisfy those needs for function. As such, you must make the necessary changes for optimum results and try out these handy storage solutions if you want to utilize the space in your home properly.

Here are five simple tricks that will increase the storage and maintain the positive vibes throughout your lounge.

  • Choose furniture wisely. Hidden storage within furniture is always a great way to win the war against restrictive space. While ottomans are a brilliant starting point, the television is where you’ll claim the victory. Luxury tv units with storage facilities can enhance your watching experiences. Better still, they’ll also boost the room’s aesthetic. This can be a useful trick when trying to stop the kids from creating a mess while aiding safety by hiding wires too.
  • Utilise the walls. The walls can be your greatest weapon in the bid for extra storage. Geometric shelving can be used to add personality. It also creates ample space for storing items and showing off things like ornaments. This is a far better option than display cabinets as they eat up less space, and also make a bigger impact. Besides, they can often be modified to suit your specific needs and tastes. If nothing else, that versatility can keep the room looking fresh.
  • Dedicate a space for toys. You may try to kid yourself otherwise, but the kids’ toys will appear in the living room. If you’re not careful, they’ll eat up all available floor space. Opting for a child-friendly storage unit soon solves that problem. Furthermore, you could buy a similar one for their bedroom to encourage responsibility and consistency. When children are very young, playpens can be a useful addition. Either way, keeping the mess to a minimum will claim back valuable space.

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  • Remove the chimney stack. This one is a little more extensive. However, if the fireplace isn’t in use, this job can transform the room. It’s not so much a storage task as much as it is an extension of the room, but it shouldn’t be ignored. If this project is beyond your reach, you should at least use the alcoves effectively. Made to measure furniture works best while storage facilities should work upwards rather than from side to side. Get it right, and the impacts will be very noticeable.
  • Make every space case. In truth, your living room is currently overlooking key areas. The windows are a crucial element. Whether it’s making use of the shelves or the space under them, this can have a telling impact. Meanwhile, installing hooks behind the doors (or even getting rid of the door) is useful too. Ultimately, even the smallest gestures help. Take care of those little elements, and those efforts will be repaid with a bigger and better looking living room

Storage and space aren’t the only key elements of a great living room, but they certainly have a big say. Master these areas, and the most important room of your home will reach the next level.


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