How to Design Window Decor

How to Design Window Decor

The only thing that’s worse than a bland window dressing, is one that is completely over the top, and aesthetically appalling. Your choice of window decor says a lot about your own personal sense of style, or sometimes, the lack thereof. Whether or not you are comfortable with the way your windows look, sooner or later someone else may have to look at them, and they may not have the same degree of complacency. If you have any care for designing a functional and beautiful window decor that matches and enhances the appearance of your home’s interior, read on for some decor design tips. If not, well, um … How about that weather?

Window decor design basics

Good decor design incorporates two main things — appearance, and functionality. It’s no use having ornately decorated window drapes if they are a pain to use and maintain. Your window decor design should always start from a point of view of functionality, safety, and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, it should not be seen as just a static thing that either just hangs, or opens and closes. Your choice of window decor has the ability to completely change the character of the room, so the materials you choose should allow you to achieve your design goal.

Choosing the right materials

The function of the room where you want to design window decor, as well as your lifestyle, will determine what the best design and material choices would be. A kitchen will have different requirements from a living room or bedroom, for instance. Some of the criteria that could influence your choice include your need for privacy, or your desired level of sunlight. Windows facing the street can benefit from lace curtains or solar film to create a level of privacy when the curtains are open. Night owls may want to have blackout curtains in the bedroom.

The opening and closing mechanisms also need some thought. If you have small children, it would be a hazard to have dangling cords on which they can get entangled. On the other hand, you need a way to open and close decor elements that are hard to reach.

Another consideration when choosing materials for window decor is aftercare. You need something that is easy to clean and maintain, and that is as low maintenance as possible. This is especially true in the kitchen, where cooking grease and food smells are plentiful.

Colors and designs

When it comes to choosing a color and style, the choices are as broad as your imagination. Your personality will also play a very big role in your choice. If you intend to stay on top of the latest interior design trends, you are free to be as bold as you like. But if you want your decor to be good for many years, it would be best to stick with something timeless and durable, since you will have to live with it for a very long time. Above all, you need to be comfortable in your space.

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