3 Easy Building Projects For Your Outside Space

3 Easy Building Projects For Your Outside Space

It doesn’t matter if you have a small backyard or one that stretches on for acres; you’ll want to make the most of what you have. Fortunately this is easier than you think! There are plenty of different things you can build in your yard to improve the space and your enjoyment of it.

However, before you undertake any project it is worth having a survey done. All you need to do is contact your local construction surveyors and arrange for them to visit. They will assess what utilities, if any, run under your property and, perhaps most importantly, they will define your boundaries. This will ensure your project stays within the confines of your yard and the law.

  1. Decking Space

Installing a decking space will make it much easier for you to entertain in your garden or simply to enjoy it at any time of the year.  A basic decking is actually very easy to build and doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

You will need to clear a space n your yard as big as you want the decking to be. Install short posts into the ground. They only need to be buried to a length of two feet and be a foot above the ground. You’ll need posts in the corners of your decking and at regular intervals to support the frame. The posts are joined together with large batons of wood.

You must take your time with this stage to make sure everything is level. You can then add the crisscross of joists inside the square you have created before dropping the decking boards on top.

Balustrades and lighting will improve the look and functionality of this space, if you wish to install them.

  1. The Tree House

This is normally a project you associate with children but a tree house is a great way for adults to relax too. Plus it makes you feel like you are a kid again!

Again, the secret to successfully creating this is to take your time with the planning stage. The best tree houses are created by battening the wood round the tree to create a frame, without actually screwing into the tree itself.

You can then place angled supports outward which will hold the walkways of the tree house in position.  Once the frame is in position and level you will be able to build on it in the same way as you would create a shed on the ground.

The final design is entirely up to you; just don’t forget to install access to the tree house!

  1. Pallet Furniture

If your budget is minimal then you can try making things from pallets. These are easy to get hold of for free; just visit local warehouses, they will have some spare.

Once you have them you can take them apart or use them as they are to create a picnic style table and benches for your garden.

As soon as you add a fresh coat of paint you will be impressed with the results. Just don’t forget to paint your fences, on your established boundary, at the same time. Such kind of simple ideas would make it look more beautiful. You can  for some freshly brewed ideas.


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