5 Dating Scams You Should Know

5 Dating Scams You Should Know

Some online dating can truly lead to finer personal relationships. But, there are more social vipers in cyberspace than you might think, particularly on dating sites and it is more than a vicious cycle for the public. But it does not have to be.

There are five common dating scams you will want to look out for. Actually, there are more than can be described in one place right now, but it is one of the most relevant communities with this tendency and most of them are defined online and lead in all their power from that platform. When involved with complex scams, you should watch out for the characteristics.

Promise of Dollars

Those that promise you money and travel or other ludicrous claims rarely, if ever, work out. This is the first and clearest type of scam. Instant money does not happen for nothing. In fact, it is the opposite. You should recognize this as a classic scam, marked as number one.

To intervene with this, there is the classic internet pull of catching your eye at multiple sites. This does leave your personal data vulnerable to other intentional viewers. A breach of security could lead to serious problems.

Fast Marriages

These types of offers should almost be forbidden rather than just pure blasphemy. Are people buying husbands and wives over the internet?  Having them delivered (in some way) to their homes or a nearby destination? This would sound like it might be possible. Most likely, such a marriage would never equal up to standards and most are ways for scammers making street cash.

Sick Kids

Many single women find widowers who are raising children on their own attractive – especially women with kids of their own. It’s easy to connect given the common ground of child rearing. After a couple weeks, what appears to be a promising relationship seems to be taking off and then there’s an emergency – the widower’s child is in the hospital desperately ill and he needs money. Don’t fall for it. No matter how desperate his pleas may be, say good bye and chalk it up to experience.

Can’t Meet In Person

Best practice for online dating is to meet up in person, or via video chats, after establishing an initial compatibility. Be wary of a person who consistently puts off in-person meetings. Most probably they are not who they say they are. After all, there are only so many emergency trips that one can take.

Off-Site Communication

Owners of online dating sites are well aware of the target rich environment they provide to social vipers looking for vulnerable prey, that’s why they have the ability to expel members that misbehave. Scammers will often ask prospects to move communication to another platform that’s “easier to use”. Don’t do it. You will be losing the security protections of the site and opening yourself up to hackers or worse. Better to let this one go. Better yet, be good to your dating community and report the person.

Be aware of your knowledge and approach to dating websites for adults. Many of them are good with true prospects for love. Stay open to real possibilities.


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