6 Silly Training Mistakes Students Make in University

6 Silly Training Mistakes Students Make in University stretching

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Nobody is perfect. We, as mortals, make several mistakes in our lives. And it is okay to make mistakes. However, what’s most important is that we learn from them. Take each mistake as a lesson so that you never repeat the same in future. Remember that failure is the first step towards attaining success. Only those who try in life, fail at some point. If you never try, you will never fail, but you will never succeed either. So do not be afraid of failing. Each time you fail, stand up on your feet again and try even harder than before. Someday, success will have to surrender to your dedication.

Making mistakes is most common in your formative years. That is the time when you have not had too many experiences to learn from. It is the time when you learn new things on a daily basis. While studying, you may make mistakes in subjects that you do not pay close attention to. You may even make the mistake of hurting a dear one unintentionally. However, this is all a part of life. Mistakes make us better individuals. So do not worry about making small mistakes in University. Take them in your stride and come back at them stronger than ever before.

This blog throws light on silly training mistakes students make in University Gym:

1.     Skipping the Warm Up

This is probably the biggest mistake you could make when working out. Jumping into your exercise regime without warming up could be catastrophic. This is because your body needs to be prepared before each workout session by slowly increasing the blood flow to your joints and muscles. Extensive warm up is not necessary. However, before heading to lift weights, you must walk briskly or run for a while so that your body gets prepared for the intense workout ahead. Warm up helps prevent injuries due to muscle or ligament tear during workouts.

2.     Copying Others

Many newcomers simply copy the workout routines of other patrons at the gym. A workout schedule must be created taking into consideration your body weight and fitness goals. Your body type could be different from the person whose regime you are blindly following. The exercises that benefit him may not benefit you in the same manner. Even worse, simply mimicking his workout schedule could result in an injury. Therefore, instead of doing what others do, take assistance from your trainer to draft a training program for yourself. Make sure that your plan is made in accordance with your body type, weight and goals.

3.     Improper Form

The hardest of exercises will also not show the desired results unless you maintain proper form while performing them. Many of us, in a rush to get done with the prescribed number of sets as soon as possible, forget to maintain proper body form. This could lead to various problems. In order to avoid these, make sure you keep your neck and spine aligned when working out. Do not crank up your neck, extend it or tilt it while exercising. This will put immense pressure on your cervical spine which could result in spinal disc issues. Similarly, keep your spine erect while lifting weights to prevent internal injuries.

6 Silly Training Mistakes Students Make in University planks

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4.     Deadlift Only When You Can Touch Toes

Many trainers advise you to not attempt a deadlift until you can touch your toes. A deadlift is the exercise that requires a loaded bar to be lifted off the ground up to the hips and then lowered back to the ground. Doing this exercise requires your body to be flexible. Therefore, do not be in a rush to give it an attempt. Work on your body such that it gains the mobility that lets you touch your toes. Once you are able to do that, be confident that you will be able to align your upper and lower back and do the deadlift.

6 Silly Training Mistakes Students Make in University

Source: https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/how-to-deadlift-beginners-guide.html

5.     Incorrect Squats

Squat depth is of prime importance when working on toning your hips. This depth may vary from person to person depending on his hip structure. However, shallow squats put unnecessary stress on the knees which could cause a knee injury. Your knees could collapse inwards during squats. Weak glute muscles, tight hip muscles or weak ankles could be possible triggers for the same. Such a collapse could lead to more serious injuries such as knee osteoarthritis, ligament tear or meniscal tear. Therefore, make sure that your squat position is proper. Take help from your trainer or check out online videos on correct squat position.

6 Silly Training Mistakes Students Make in University chart

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6.     Wrong Eating Habits

Your training sessions will only prove to be fruitful if you eat right. Crash diets may provide satisfactory results quickly, but these results are often short-lived. Having a balanced diet is the key to having a balanced body. While eating healthy is essential to maintain your body, eating at the right time pre and post workout is equally important. Eating just before working out could make you feel heavy while attempting exercises. Eating too long post your workout would be just as inappropriate. The best time to eat is 20 minutes to an hour after your workout session. This gives you the right amount of energy needed for your body to shape up the way you want it to. Also, make sure you intake lots of water all through the day to prevent your body from getting dehydrated during workouts.

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