Ditching the Diet – 7 Simple Lifestyle Alterations to Keep You Fighting Fit

Ditching the Diet - 7 Simple Lifestyle Alterations to Keep You Fighting Fit

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Summer is just around the corner, which means beach and bikini season is as well.

Sure, you have been staying moderately fit over the winter, but it is time to step it up.  If the thought of crash diets and long training days have you down, you are not alone.

Rather than try extreme measures to achieve your fitness goals, how about incorporating enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle alterations to ensure you get fit and stay fit?  Intrigued?  Read on to learn more about creative ways to make small lifestyle changes with big impact.

1)       Life outside the gym

If you think the perfect beach body only happens from endless hours at the gym, think again!  The more creative you are with your work out the more likely you are to achieve your goals.  Rather than hitting the gym tomorrow, how about heading to your local park and finding a grassy spot for a workout.

Simple equipment like a kettleball or power band are fantastic tools for an effective workout.   The power band is a large elastic band with a wide variety of uses such as body weight exercises, mobility training and stretching powerlifting.  Plus, it is so compact, you can fit it in a very small bag or purse!

2)      Ditch the Diet

Creating a nutrition plan that is appealing not appalling is the key to success.

If you hate sweet potatoes but are eating them daily because they are a “super food”, you will probably end up binging with a huge bowl of pasta in front of you sooner than later.  Incorporate foods that are local, seasonal and healthy but most of all, delicious for you.

3)      Get some ZZZZZZs

Regular, quality sleep is one of the most important aspects to overall health for your body and mind.  If you are only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night because of stress, over thinking or other issues, then you are compromising your fitness goals in a major way.  Rethink your nighttime routine, and aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep.

4)      Meditate

Okay, I am the first to admit that meditation and mindfulness feels like kind of a trend right now.  But there is a reason for it!  Regular meditation can decrease stress, improve sleep, decrease depression and boost the immune system.   Starting with just 5 minutes a day of dedicated time to quiet the brain has significant impacts on the body and mind.

5)      Don’t Stress

Life is full of stresses.  I get it.

Work deadlines.  A fight with your sister.  Feeling time poor.  There are so many stresses that can derail your fitness goals.  Try to harness the power of positivity and focus on gratitude rather than stresses in your life.  Your fitness goals will greatly improve if you maintain a positive outlook and self talk.

6)      Be Social

Feeling de-motivated?  Establish a workout buddy that can help motivate you on those days when your legs feel like lead and you want to dive into that pint of ice-cream in your freezer.  If your body-building buddy isn’t answering, try a group class at the gym or an outdoor yoga class.  Sometimes feeding off the energy of others is just what you need!

7)      Have Fun!

Setting goals and achieving them is a great part of life, as long as you don’t get down on yourself.  Your personal, professional and fitness goals should make you feel inspired and proud rather than frustrated and down.  If you find yourself more frustrated than proud, take a moment (meditate!) to change your mindset to one of gratitude and watch the stress and the kgs melt away.


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