How to Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Mattress

How to Know When it's Time to Replace Your Mattress

Have you been tossing and turning at night, having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep? Are you waking up stiff and tired despite having slept the full night? Did you know that an old mattress can be to blame for these issues?

Here in the UK, a recent survey by Dreams has shown that people keep their mattresses far too long. The survey estimates that approximately eight million mattresses are in need of immediate replacement. It also showed that tens of thousands of people are currently using a mattress that is more than 40 years old.

Often, mattresses go unreplaced because the majority of people have no idea what makes a good mattress and how to choose from the vast range we are presented with. One of the best solutions to this problem is simply to inform yourself. Using websites such as makes the process so much easier as they include information and relevant updates on what best mattresses at that current time.

 So, is it time for you to replace your mattress? What are the signs to watch for? Let’s take a look.

Does the Mattress Have a Noticeable Dent?

Take a look at your mattress with the sheets and bedding thrown off. Do you see a noticeable dent in the mattress? This dent would be where you and/or your partner sleeps. If you can see a dent, then this is a big red flag that the mattress has lost its support and needs replacing. Sleeping in a dented position is going to result in a very uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Has Your Asthma or Allergies Gotten Noticeably Worse?

As your bed ages, more and more dust, dust mites, and allergens will build up. Even if you vacuum your mattress on a regular basis and put a mattress cover on it, over time it will no longer be enough. Sleeping on an old mattress can act as a trigger for people who suffer from asthma and allergies, making it very hard for them to get enough rest.

Do You Spend the Night Tossing and Turning?

From time to time, you’ve probably found yourself saying you “tossed and turned” all night and didn’t sleep. If this starts happening on a more frequent and consistent basis, then there is a good chance the mattress is starting to give out on you.

Do You Wake Up in Pain?

The idea of getting sleep is that your body has a chance to rest, relax, and re-set itself. You should wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. If you’ve been noticing that you are waking up with stiffness, aches, and pains that weren’t there a few months ago, then there is a good chance your mattress is to blame. Some people even start to feel numbness in parts of their body where too much pressure is being applied, which is one of the key signs that your mattress needs replacing.

If you wake up with a headache, more often than not people are quick to assume it’s their pillow, but it could in fact be the mattress that is to blame. If you’re not sleeping in the correct position, it can lead to a headache.


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