Throwback Thursday: The White Picket Fence

Throwback Thursday: The White Picket Fence


Did you grow up dreaming of a big house with a lawn and a white picket fence? Sure, it might be old school now, but there is no school like the old school. Anyway, trends roll in and out of fashion like a yo-yo, so there’s nothing wrong with going retro. A WPF has lots of qualities. From protecting the lawn to supplementing the garden, it is easy to see why homeowners love them. Once you decide you want one, the next step is erecting the perfect fence. To do that, you should consider the following.

Whiter Than White

As the name suggests, the fence needs to be white. Of course, it depends on your preference, but a cream color doesn’t have the same appeal. For one thing, it isn’t as fresh as pure white. Also, because it doesn’t pop as much, the contrast with the rest of the garden isn’t as stark. If you want the style, don’t compromise. Firstly, look for a fence that fits the style brief and then find the right paint. It doesn’t have to come ready made because you can redecorate if need be. With a few tins of paint, you can recreate the look in a matter of hours.

Big Things, Small Packages

Are you looking for privacy? Do you want to keep the nosy neighbors out of your business? If the answers to these questions are yes, a white picket fence isn’t the right option. Regarding privacy, it won’t add much as a traditional partition is only a few feet high. In truth, they put style over substance. Of course, they are practical in some regards. For example, a WPF stops people from traipsing over the grass and ruining the plants and flowers. It also helps mark your territory so that everyone knows the border lines. Don’t opt for an overgrown picket fence because they look ridiculous. Home Garden Guides suggests that a 4-foot pre-fabricated picket fence is the most costs effective option.

Throwback Thursday: The White Picket Fence pink flowers



A white fence on its own won’t have the effect you imagine. In your head, the fence isn’t only panels of white. It has everything from post caps, a mailbox, and a gate. They might be small additions, but they make a huge difference as they are the cherries on top of the cake. The gate shouldn’t be hard to install as it should come with the rest of the fence, while Atlanta Post Caps has a range of post caps. For the mailbox, by a separate one and attach it to a panel. That way, it won’t stand alone and it will make the fence stand out.

DIY Do I Do That?!

The DIY Network will tell you that erecting a picket fence is simple. All you have to do is follow the instructions and use common sense. Of course, this is never the case as the guidelines are gibberish and common sense doesn’t apply. It’s like putting together flat pack furniture from Ikea! Rather than doing it alone, consider hiring a professional. Even though it’s a small fence, the money is well worth negating the time and effort. Plus, the final result will be everything you wanted in a WPF.

By the time yours goes up, it will be the envy of the neighborhood.


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