Rules of the Road for Doggie Road Trips

Rules of the Road for Doggie Road Trips

School may be underway for your family, but you’ve still got several weekends to enjoy before winter sets in.  If you’re packing up the car for a fall road trip, don’t forget the dog.  To prepare, has a few dog-friendly tips for the road.  Also, check out Rover’s list of dog-friendly spots to stop along 10 major U.S. highways.

Pack The Essentials

  • Toys for the car and pit stop playtime.  Expect your dog will get bored.  If you’re grabbing dinner and leaving your pup in the car, make sure there are toys for entertainment.  You don’t want to return to half-eaten seat belts!  Plus, bring those toys that get your dog moving when it’s time to get out of the car for some exercise.  
  • Food and Treats. You’ll only need enough to get to where you’re going.  Unless your dog is on a special diet, you can buy food and extra treat along the way.  Scout out the local pet shops or grocery stores along your path so you know where to restock.  Also, pack a water bowl and a gallon of water.  Don’t forget to hide the food and car snacks whenever you’re out of the car for your own breaks.
  • A portable kennel or your dog’s favorite blanket.  Your dog will need something familiar for bedtime.  Whether your dog sleeps like a baby in a kennel or simply needs the smell of his favorite blanket, you’ll sleep better when your dog is snoring too.
  • Potty time supplies.  Besides the poop bags, you’ll also want to get a travel size version of your go-to cleaning supplies for any accidents.

Plan Ahead

  • Playtime and pee breaks.  Plan for a few extra stops on this road trip.  Before you settle in for a day on the road, get your dog to the park and play hard.  You don’t want a restless dog in the car!  Anytime you’re stopping for gas or food, make sure your dog takes a pee break.  Search for local dog play areas along your journey for the added bonus of having other dogs run around with your pup.  
  • Sleeping arrangements.  Think through where you plan to sleep with your dog before you leave.  If you’re expecting a comfy hotel bed, make sure you call ahead to ensure your dog is welcome too.  There are many pet-friendly Airbnb locations as well for a more personal road trip overnight.  If you don’t want to bother with that kind of coordination or expense, pack your tent!  
  • Destination pet care. If your road trip ends with a few nights in the same place, consider the plan for your dog.  Take advantage of Rover’s automatic dog walking service if available in the area you are, or book a walk or daycare sitter wherever you’ve landed for those times you can’t take your dog along for the day. 

Your dog loves a good adventure just as much as you do, so make your doggie road trip memorable and fun!

Written by Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.


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