Reclaiming Dresses Despite Changing Attitudes

Reclaiming Dresses Despite Changing Attitudes Beyonce

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Once upon a time, dresses were a staple of any woman’s wardrobe. From big ball gowns, to more modest daytime numbers, a dress was a staple style choice for any female. But things are changing. Instead of being tied down by expectations, women can wear whatever they want. Now, it’s not unusual for a woman to wear trousers all year round. Even in France, where a 213-year-old law banned trouser wearing among females, things have changed.

We’re sure everyone would agree that these changes are for the best. Freedom of choice is a right that should be given to everyone. And let’s be honest; we all appreciate the chance to hit up the trousers now and again.

But, that’s not to say all women are against dresses. In fact, some have reclaimed the fashion and turned it into one of freedom, rather than oppression. You only have to look at strong female celebs, like Rihanna and Beyonce, to see how successful this reclaiming has been. It is without a doubt that many companies sell women fashion dress for outrageous prices, but there are still a number of companies out there that you can get gorgeous dresses from for a low price.

Now, instead of hiding women’s figures, dresses show them in all their glory. Designers focus on women’s best features and highlight their beauty. From showing a tantalizing bit of leg, to leaving the back open, the possibilities are endless. Dresses do still set us apart but in a good way. They make us look and feel amazing.

Yet, many women, especially from younger generations, now avoid dresses. In some ways, it’s an age thing. Younger women haven’t grown up with the need to wear dresses. Even in school, many girls now wear trousers. And, more power to them.

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But, it’s also worth noting that we don’t want to lose the art of the dress. This is a fabulous fashion which we want access to for years to come. So, why is it that young girls only really opt to wear dresses on special occasions?

For the most part, it’s all down to changing perceptions. Dresses just aren’t the norm anymore, and girls feel strange when wearing them. But, approached in the right way, even a novice dress wearer can look amazing in the gown of their choice.

If you fall into the dress phobic category, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to look at ways to ensure you look and feel fantastic in any dress. Because we owe it to the women of the past to make this amazing fashion work for us!

Practice at home

It may seem strange, but it’s worth practicing wearing dresses at home. The main issue is that you’re not used to the sight of yourself in this type of outfit. So, you need to get used to your reflection when wearing a dress. You may find this difficult, but persevere. The chances are that, within a few days, your dress clad reflection won’t surprise you. When that happens, you may be ready to show the world.

Stay clean shaven

While some perceptions have changed, others remain. One such perception is that women should be clean shaven. One day, this may change too. For now, though, you’re sure to get some strange looks if you opt for a dress when your legs are fuzzy. Strange looks are the last thing you need when you’re trying to build your confidence. Instead, try out something like this shave club for women from Here, you’ll get the chance to stock up on a regular shaving supplies, and cut costs while you’re doing it. So, there won’t be any excuse not to wear a dress because you can’t be bothered to shave!

Find shapes which suit

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As dresses are a new art to you, it’s time to go back to basics. As with any other outfit, you can’t pick up whatever dress you fancy and hope it works. You need to know which styles of dress suits you. You could do this through trial and error. But, seeing yourself in the wrong dresses will knock the confidence you’re trying to build. Instead, it may be worth turning to sites like Here, you’ll find a pain free guide about which dresses would suit.

Work on posture

While posture doesn’t matter so much when you’re covered up, a dress shows off every curve and position. As such, you need to work on your posture to ensure you look good. Think about how a dress could compliment your body, and make sure to move accordingly. An open backed number, for example, would look beautiful if you sit straight, but awful if you slouch!


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