Famous People Using HGH

Famous People Using HGH

When you think of celebrities using Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for keeping their youthful looks and mesmerizing bodies, what usually comes to mind are Hollywood stars, but that’s half-truth. Yes, Hollywood’s A-listers have deep pockets and need their devilish good looks to support their bread and butter, but they are not the first ones to explore the latest medical breakthroughs which lead to eternal youth. You can call them the second and the most influential followers though, but it’s their followship that brought the procedures and treatments into limelight.

The First Movers

For highly scientific discoveries, you should thank doctors first, then comes professional bodybuilders and performance sports players, who usher the true potential of the technology. For instance, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been in use for a while for the treatment of deteriorating joints in athletes. The most recent notable user has been Kevin Levrone, but for skin and hair rejuvenation, the treatment has been in use for a decade or two. Kim Kardashians’s famous vampire facial is her twist on PRP. Same is the case with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and anabolic steroids for muscle gain, reducing fat and increasing recovery time. The first use of steroids can be traced to patients suffering muscle loss after surgeries or severe ailments like burns, cancers and Aids. However, the first users in a competitive sport were bodybuilders, dating back to 1960s. Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to using them back in his hay days, as Mr. Olympia winner, the most prestigious bodybuilding title in the world since 1970. However, the premier show started in 1965 and rivalled with Mr. Universe title, which was around since 1948. All big sports stars wished to have the juice, after bodybuilders showcased their impressive physiques to the world and endless possibilities of these lifesaving and life altering drugs.

Same is the case with the use and mainstream propagation of Human Growth Hormone therapy. Though initially derived to be used as a lifesaving therapy for a wider range of physiological and psychological patients, it has been used prominently by sports and movie/TV stars, but only after its usage and benefits were highlighted by the modern-day bodybuilders in 1980s.

Use by Bodybuilders 

Because of the proven abilities of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in muscle building, improving recovery and safeguarding joints and tendons due to rapid wear and tear, HGH became a top favorite among bodybuilding community. Reports tell that all champions and top-level contenders since 1992, and even 5-10 years before that, have been using HGH along with anabolic substances to enhance their physiques. Though the first uses in bodybuilding can be traced back to 1980s, it wasn’t until the 1990s that HGH acquired momentum and wide spread acclaim in hardcore builders. Before that it was a cult, a hush hush secret of sorts.

It’s no secret then that anybody in the arena of professional bodybuilding is on HGH, HRT and a lot of other therapies including the current champ Phil Heath, the Predator Kai Greene, the vampire of bodybuilding who doesn’t age, thanks to a body which is super respondent to HGH, The Blade Dexter Jackson and so on and so forth.

Use by Actors and Actresses

Hollywood stars even studio executives, producers and directors who remain behind the scene have been early adapters of HGH and other new youth enhancing protocols. Thanks to the industry that relies on good looks, the pressure always mounts on everyone to look their best. Experts are of the firm opinion that any celebrity above the age of 50 with a chiseled physique is on HGH and HRT and possibly more age defying systems.

The sly Sylvester Stallone openly admitted the use of HGH back in the days of Rocky II and Rambo, and it won’t be a surprise if someone finds plenty of vials in his locker even now, as he still maintains a set of killer abs.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson seems to get bigger, better and less wrinkly with each passing year. Though the wrestler turned highest grossing actor in Hollywood is no stranger to anabolics, use of HGH has improved his looks dramatically.

The list of A-listed celebs doesn’t stop here, the likes of Will Smith, Demi Moore, Cher and Mark Wahlberg all are most likely users of the vial of youth, HGH. But there are some precautions and myths regarding HGH, which you can learn about here.


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