6 Ways to Protect Your Yard When You’re on the Road

6 Ways to Protect Your Yard When You're on the Road

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Coming home to a yard with plants that have gone brown is a bummer, especially after you’ve had a getaway. Then there’s the tedious task of having to nurse your landscape back to health, which can cost you precious time and money. Before you set out to explore the world, discover the following tips to keep your yard in shape while you’re traveling.

Know Your Plants and Their Care Requirements

Knowing your plants can help you offer customized care for each one, even while you’re away. Some plants can survive on their own, while others need more care. Place delicate plants beside a wall or move them indoors to lessen their exposure to sunlight and the wind, and to help keep moisture in their soil.

If you travel often or simply don’t have much time to maintain your yard, you could opt to grow low-maintenance plants such as milfoil and hypericum. These type of plants can go for several days with less water and still look fresh.

Go With Deep Watering and Mulch

No matter how excited you are to hit the road, don’t leave without thoroughly watering your plants. Let the water seep at least 8 inches deep into the soil. Then, turn the soil in a few spots to make sure you’ve sufficiently soaked the ground. Finally, spread a layer of mulch over the soil to retain moisture.

Trade Chores With a Neighbor

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Love your neighbor as you love your yard, and that love will pay off in the future. Help a neighbor paint a fence or give your neighbor a lift to the airport. When your time of need arrives, it will be easier to ask you neighbors to tend your yard while you’re away. Before you take off, don’t forget to brief your garden sitter about your plant care routine.

Turn on Built-In Sprinkler Systems

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Installing a sprinkler system can sound like work. However, if you have a large yard and are often on the road, a sprinkler system is well worth the effort. Built-in sprinklers have digital or mechanical timers which you can set to water your yard at any time of the day. You can also set how long you want the sprinklers to run. With a sprinkler system, you won’t have to enlist the help of a garden sitter.

Make Self-Watering Jugs

If you can’t afford a sprinkler system, make your own self-watering jugs. You can use old plastic containers, such as milk jugs or water bottles. Poke tiny holes around each bottle, fill the bottles with water, and place them about 4 inches deep into the ground. The water will slowly seep into the soil and hydrate your plants for at least a week.

Let Your Landscape Grow

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As your vacation draws closer, hold off on mowing your yard. Longer grass can better withstand harsh weather better and can help retain soil moisture. Additionally, save trimming any shurbs or trees until after you return. Trees and shrubs in the landscape can help you control your home heating and cooling costs while you’re away by offering shade for your home.

Remember the above useful tips when you plan your next getaway. You can enjoy your time away knowing that your yard will be healthy and lush upon your return.


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