Important Things to Know about Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring zig zag pattern

Timber flooring can also be referred as plank or sometimes wood flooring. Here generally wood that has been recycled are used for flooring in various areas like office and home. Here generally wooden planks are used. It is preferred at various places since it completely transforms the look of the building. The wood is available in various price ranges, cuts, and colors.

Types of flooring

There are several kinds of timber flooring that can be done to provide an aesthetic look to the interiors of the building. The various kinds of flooring can be classified as follows.

  • Hardwood flooring: It is popularly known as groove and tongue flooring and is generally well known for its longevity and beauty. It can be directly installed on concrete flooring or on old wooden flooring. The grades available for this type of flooring are Natural, Select and Standard.
  • Parquetry flooring: It is generally of two types- block and mosaic. In mosaic, the timber is laid in form of tile while in the block one any pattern can be used. Select and Standard grades are available here.
  • Pre-finished flooring: Here all the advantages of hardwood flooring are available excluding the need of regular polishing. Here the boards that would be installed are already polished reducing the installation time as well as cost. The amount of gloss that would be applied is chosen by the customer. It is also available in satin finish.

Timber Flooring all wood living area

  • Bamboo flooring: It is very common among the customers due to its moisture resistance and reliability. It is much more economical since it is extensively available and grows in all environmental conditions.
  • Laminate flooring: It only gives the feel and look of wooden flooring. Obviously, it much cheaper than the other options but it is quite durable.
  • Cork flooring: It is used in areas where there is extensive footfall. It is made up of natural products.
  • Strip flooring: Here wooden planks are laid parallel to the room. They are available in several colors and patterns.

Timber Flooring with fireplace

Installation process of timber flooring

Installation of timber flooring is quite difficult and requires professional help. Several measures should be taken for proper and safe installation of the flooring.

  • The floor should be smooth and leveled before installation. It can be stuffed with sand or any agent to make it smooth.
  • The flooring is generally done after the construction of the building is completed. The flooring should start with the longest wall and the boards should be laid parallel to the wall. It must be ensured that natural light falls on the boards.
  • The measurements of the wall should be taken. It should be taken wall to wall and perpendicular to the boards.
  • 2 mm of builder’s plastic is laid to prevent the boards from absorbing moisture and get damaged.
  • Overlapping of boards should be avoided and the corners should be cut properly.
  • The board with groove is placed. Enough glue should be applied before placing the second board.
  • The boards are installed as per necessity leaving a minimum gap of 8mm around the perimeter of each wall. This process is repeated until the completion the entire room is covered.

Timber Flooring with couch

Advantages of flooring by timber

  • It is strong and makes the building look beautiful.
  • Since it is made of wood it is eco-friendly.
  • It is much easier to clean and also hygienic.
  • The flooring is durable and can be changed easily.
  • It feels good to walk on it as the floor is smooth in comparison to concrete or stones.
  • It can also act as an insulator and helps to retain the heat especially in cold countries.


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