6 Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars


Burglary is the most common crime among others – and this is because burglars can do the deed even in broad daylight. Sadly, while this is just the main cause of a crime, others lead to murder most especially when they are caught by the owners. Thus, to avoid such cases it is important to realize that your home is in need of survival tips.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to avoid burglars and here’s a list to help you with.

  1. Always secure exterior doors, from the gates to the rooms of your home.

Protect Your Home with padlock

It might be expensive but securing the quality of your doors, most especially the quality of your locks, is one of the most must-do in keeping your home safe from harm. If possible, it’s actually safer to include a double lock to make sure that they don’t find any access points in your doors and gates.

  1. Install security cameras and alarms in and outside your home.

Protect Your Home with security system mount

It is indeed true that you will not be able to stay at home from time to time, thus it is important to install security cameras that you can also monitor on your phone even when you’re away, and alarms that can raise awareness around your neighborhood that could scare off the burglars from intruding your home. But make sure that these security devices are installed in the right places such as near the gates, the doors, and inside your home.

  1. Get to know your neighbours.

Protect Your Home bike in entryway

More than anything, know your neighbours. Places where everyone knows each other are most likely to be safer – as neighbours can look out for each other especially when any suspicious activity occurs in time of a neighbour’s absence.

  1. Keep them out of the windows.

Protect Your Home looking out window

Windows are the second most used entry point of burglars – that being said, it is important for your windows to be reinforced with invisible security film so it wouldn’t be easy to break the glass and stops that will prevent them from opening for more than 6 inches, also it’s better to trim back your tree branches so as not to give burglars access to your second floor window.

  1. Keep the lights on within your vicinity.

Protect Your Home lights on in house

It’s important to illuminate every access door, windows, pathways, and the yard so suspicious activities during the night will most likely be easier to notice.

  1. Never advertise that you’re away.

Protect Your Home phone device

One easy way for burglars to break-in at your home is when nobody’s in it. Hence, if you’re going away for a while, make sure that they don’t notice it.  For instance, you could use automatic light timers to make it look like someone’s at home – also, if you’re moving away, don’t leave a message on your machine that you’re going out of town as there could be a possibility that the burglars may call in to check if anyone’s around before breaking in.

Key Takeaway

Burglary may be common but it should not be tolerated. With this in mind, take these simple tips as precautionary measures and to further avoid anyone from intruding your home.

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