For Best Results Hire Professionals for Popcorn Ceiling Removal

For Best Results Hire Professionals for Popcorn Ceiling Removal

No matter what kind of quality is being used in construction of ceilings, after a while or maybe few decades down the line, retouch and removal of popcorn ceiling becomes a necessity. Popcorn ceiling is definitely not attractive and its removal is required to give the interiors a fabulous look and make your home or commercial space look beautiful. Back in 50s and 60s due to the attractive spray on colour and vibrant look, popcorn ceilings were used but with time it was realised that it is potentially harmful. This makes it important to remove the popcorn ceilings. Although its removal in necessary but you must only hire professionals for 100% guaranteed results when it comes to removal of the popcorn ceilings.

Importance of Removal of Popcorn Ceilings

The popcorn ceilings were something use long back in the construction in 60s till 80s as it was a spray on paint which added better look and vibrant colour. They were considered fashionable and known to add dash of style to interiors. Apart from that this kind of ceilings also helped to hide any imperfections in the construction and helped the builders to get away without actually levelling the ceiling smoothly. There are many disadvantages of popcorn ceilings and since the paint is directly sprayed on the ceiling without smoothening, it impacts a lot.

Since the temporary paint is sprayed directly on the ceiling, it is difficult to re-decorate or paint in future due to the heavy texture. The repairing at times might be difficult but with help of professionals it is possible. The surface of popcorn ceiling extremely rough and this makes the cleaning of the ceiling difficult. When it comes to older popcorn ceiling, it contains asbestos which is hazardous to health and deadly as well at times. They are no more attractive and more prone to dampness and damage if not removed and treated at the right time. Although it is cheaper but has lot of imperfections and to make space for better interiors it is important to get it removed as soon as possible.

Hire Only Professionals for 100% Outstanding Results

When it comes to removal of popcorn ceiling, make sure that you only hire professionals to do the job. There are many people who attempt on own but end up doing a disastrous job. Before hiring a company or firm for removal of the popcorn ceiling, make sure you know about their past work records and experience. When it comes to removal of the popcorn ceiling, there are set of procedures to be done which includes scraping high spots, covering ceiling with layers and if the ceiling consists of asbestos, getting it removed. It is not a procedure of few hours and required trained professionals to work on it for the complete removal.

The removal of popcorn or stucco ceiling is the most cost effective and affordable way to re-do the look of your house. It helps in brightening your room and makes it look extremely tidy and clean as compared to before. The professional firm specialises in such removal services and helps in saving time and money for the customers. The work done is extremely professional and with excellence of workmanship and trained workers, there is 100% guarantee in satisfaction delivered after removal of the popcorn ceiling.

The professionals help in understanding the level of damage and accordingly work on it. There are many ceilings which have asbestos and on finding the same, it is first removed by asbestos removal specialists. With help of professionals, they undergo a complete inspection of the place before actually getting the work started. The work and removal done is smooth and leaves no room for complain that gives 100% guaranteed results as compared to work done by self. The professionals and trained employees are taught and skilled and follow step by step for removal of the popcorn ceiling without any hassle. However, for better results make sure that you do a complete research on the company you hire for the removal services. The professionals also have all the major equipments that is required for removing the popcorn affect and bring a clear and smooth ceiling that is completely re-modelled and different.

Benefits of Removal of Popcorn Ceiling

If popcorn ceiling has mix of asbestos, there is nothing more harmful because it leads to many health hazards if the asbestos is exposed. Getting the popcorn ceiling removed means getting inspected for asbestos following its removal with help of experts. Due to its heavy texture and improper smooth look, it gave the room dark and dingy look and also made it difficult to apply paint coating evenly. With removal of acoustic ceiling, there are many benefits that leave you complete satisfied and professional help gives 100% guaranteed results.

For Best Results Hire Professionals for Popcorn Ceiling Removal

It undoubtedly gives a cleaner and more professional look as it removed the uneven ceiling surface and smoothen the texture. The painting becomes more manageable as the texture is better and room becomes brighter. The popcorn ceiling tends to trap allergen and is very hazardous to people prone to mostly dust allergy. With its removal, the ability of the ceiling to trap allergens is reduces to a great extent that makes it safe for residing.

Popcorn ceilings are more prone to damage and stain and also it has more tendency of getting cracked ceilings due to rough texture. With help of professional removal of popcorn ceiling, the damage occurred is reduced and ceilings become less prone to stains. The stains can be easily removed. The occurrence of cracks tremendously decreases when it comes to smooth and modern ceiling as compared to popcorn ceiling. The re-sale value of the house also increases because the popcorn ceiling removal gives the home a cleaner look and brighter outlook. The occurrence of spider web reduces as they are unable to get ample support on smooth ceiling which otherwise they got on popcorn ceilings.


No matter what, if you are looking for removing popcorn ceiling as well as seeking for 100% guaranteed results; it is highly recommended to hire only professionals. The experts from companies know how to remove the popcorn ceiling in systematic way and give a better and cleaner look.

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