Points to keep in mind before buying a used Audi car

used Audi black car

If you dream of owning and driving an audi car, but can’t afford a brand new one then buying a used audi car on sale is the best idea. But all the used audi cars on sale are not worth buying. You may get ripped off a huge amount of money and get a car that is in bad shape and in need a lot of servicing and repairing. There are 3 ways to buy a used audi car that is on sale:

  1. Through a dealer
  2. From a direct seller
  3. Through online sites that provide used audi cars on sale

Through the dealer: Before agreeing to buying the used audi car from a dealer, you should know that there are laws against fake dealers. There are laws which prohibits any dealer from doing the following:

  • Providing false information
  • Providing insufficient information
  • Acting aggressively or rudely

From a private seller: While buying the audi from a private seller who is himself the owner of the car is the cheapest way as there is no brokerage involved but it comes with drawbacks as well. The pink slip or any such documents may be missing. The seller may be a fraud and may disappear with your money or else give you a car that is almost out of service.

Through online sites that provide used audi cars on sale: If you go for this option, the same laws will be applied to the online sellers as those applicable on a dealer. Yet, it is more risky if you do not make a thorough check of the documents before paying. As online frauds are very rampant today.

Irrespective of the mode of buying of the used audi cars for sale, always make sure you are given the following documents and also make sure that they aren’t fake:

  1. Car purchase invoice
  2. Registration certificate
  3. From 32
  4. Form 35
  5. Service Book
  6. Road Tax receipt
  7. All the relevant insurance papers

Here are a few important points that should be kept in mind while deciding upon buying a used audi car on sale:

used Audi checklist for sale

  • Get a complete car inspected including its machinery by a mechanic. A professional can detect the hidden defects in the car that are unseen to normal eyes.
  • Check the safety mechanisms and its functionality. Safety mechanics are always a must in a car and no matter how old a car may be, those should be functional or it would be better to not buy it.
  • Get professional advice on checking the interiors and exteriors of the car from a friend who owns and maintains an Audi car.
  • Insist on getting an NRMA receipt which you are entitled to get by law when you buy a used audi car on sale.
  • Ensure that there is no outstanding loan on the used audi car  before dealing the deal with the seller.
  • Take a test drive of the used audi car to ensure you are comfortable with it and the car is in a good shape. Experienced drivers would easily get the idea of the car machinery health by driving it for 15 minutes. So if you are not a regular driver, take someone who is with you.
  • Consider the number of Kilometers travelled by the used audi car . The number of kilometers a car has travelled is actually very important. The more the kilometers, the more worn out is the machinery and the lesser is the sale value of that audi car.
  • Also try to do a little research on the background of the car and ask the owner for clear reasons for selling the car.

Take all these measures before buying a used audi car for sale and you would become the proud owner of a good quality audi car.


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