How to Correctly Care for Your Oven

oven care stainless steel

Although it is something that is seldom considered, properly taking care of your oven is imperative for the overall efficiency of the appliance. However, many are clueless with regards to what properly caring for one’s oven entails.

That being said, the following is a closer look at the top tips for taking care of your oven.

Check the Oven Type

Firstly, you will certainly want to check the type of oven you have as this can dictate how you proceed. For instance, if you have a self-cleaning oven, there is a feature that allows for heating the oven to essentially burn away built up food and grease. If this is the type of oven you have, this should be your first step.

On the flip side, textured ovens, also known as continuous cleaning ovens, possess a porcelain layer that is designed to burn away spilt food as you are baking. Therefore, this oven typically requires less cleaning efforts.

Lastly, standard ovens must be regularly cleaned by hand and repaired with the correct parts, otherwise you may make them worse if a fault arises. For example, AEG is a popular appliance model and if you have an issue with your oven that needs fixing, you will need to find the right AEG repairs and parts so that it continues to function.

Inspect Burners

You will also want to inspect your oven burners to ensure they are working properly. You can then replace those that are broken or malfunctioning. For instance, if you notice a small spot on the burner that appears redder than the rest, it is likely that this burner is about to burn out. If so, your oven will not function at its best until this burner is replaced. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Unplug when Cleaning with Water

In addition, although it is not the norm, you should be unplugging your oven when you are cleaning it with water. This is due to the fact that using lots of water, especially in the case of an electrical stove, can actually cause electrocution. Therefore, for the safety of your oven as well as yourself, be sure to unplug your appliance before you clean it.

Purchase New Gas Line for Gas Ovens

In addition to that, you may want to purchase a new gas line when you purchase a gas oven. This is because the process of moving an oven in itself can cause considerable damage to the fuel line. Not replacing it when there’s an issue can lead to costly/ dangerous leaks and other potentially serious issues. Therefore, be sure to inspect your gas line any time you purchase or move your gas stove.

Check for a Broken Door

Moreover, you may also want to check your appliance for a broken door seal. If you feel there is heat escaping from your oven, it is likely that the seal in the door or other areas may be torn. By regularly inspecting and replacing this, you are ensuring your oven will continue to function at optimal levels.

Overall, learning to properly care for your oven does not have to be as hard as it may seem. Simply start out by determining the type of oven you have as the foundation for your maintenance. Moreover, you will want to ensure that the oven is regularly cleaned as a means of avoiding fire hazards and other potentially dangerous issues. Furthermore, inspecting your burners is of the utmost importance with regards to maintaining an optimally functional appliance. Just be sure to carefully inspect your appliance on a regular basis and immediately respond to any and all maintenance relate issues.


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