What are the Multiple Uses of River Rocks?

River Rocks assortment

One of the most common landscaping elements is river rocks. These are rocks which are found in river beds and are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

  • While some of the rocks would be as big as softballs, some would be of the size of a small pebble. The most common colors that the river rocks are available in are white, gray, pink, blue, green, red, orange or a combination of these colors as well.
  • While some of them would have a smooth texture, some of them would have a rough surface as well.
  • The most common use of river rocks in landscaping is in the decoration of the pathways, patios or garden edges, there are many other uses of river rocks, which are particularly applied to enhance the aesthetic beauty of both the exterior and interior of the house and a number of household items.

Rugged Rocks from The River Can Be Used in Place of Mulch

It is true that mulch may be an economic option when it comes to matters of the garden, but the fact remains that river rocks provide a contrasting beauty to the garden beds which are never given by mulch. Secondly, the river rocks are long lasting and do not need replacement every year as in the case of mulch.

Give a Rustic Look to The Fireplace or Kitchen Bar

River Rocks bar setup stools

Using river rocks to design the border of the fireplace or encasing abruptly shaped rocks on the walls of the kitchen bar is certainly going to make these places look more appealing and give them a rustic appearance. A rural touch to things amidst the urban setup is certainly going to set a nice contrast, which would keep the onlookers amazed. You can use these rocks as part of your traditional home decor, but you can also use different textured rocks to include a modern touch to the rock walls.

Give a Natural Touch to The Aquarium

The small sized river rocks make such wonderful additions to the decor of the aquariums. They not only enhance the beauty of the aquarium but also help in providing a natural environment to the fishes that live in the waters of the aquarium. While many people tend to use white-colored river rocks for aquariums, the colored ones can be a nice option too. You can clean these river rocks just by using plain water and detergent. They are easy to maintain.

Place them Beneath a Glass Floor

You could amaze your guests to ultimate level when they walk over the glass floor that has river rocks beneath the glass. This does not require a lot of funds or masonry genius and still gives a wonderful effect to the floor. The river rock in this case almost becomes a decorative framework which can enhance the aesthetic and resale value of your house.

Place Them on The Pathway

Placing a lot of river rocks on the pathway will not only increase the beauty of the pathway but will also add a touch to aristocracy to the whole property. However, while choosing river rocks for pathways, one needs to be careful that the size of the rocks are not big enough as it could cause difficulties for people to walk on them.

River Rocks pathway lining

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other creative ideas that involve the usage of river rocks. All you need to do is unleash your creative mind and come up with different ideas to increase the beauty of your house and its objects with the use of river rocks. Right from interior fireplaces to exclusive garden decors, there are loads of options when it comes to using and placing the river rocks for your domestic or commercial use.


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