Treadmill vs. Running Outside: Which is the Best for Running?

Treadmill vs. Running Outside: Which is the Best for Running

If ever you’re planning on starting to workout, then you might have encountered problems like your circumstance. There are many people out there that have different circumstances in life. For example, if people have flat feet, then running will have a different perspective on them. This is because flat feet have a variety of implications.

Others meanwhile, cannot afford to apply for membership in a gym or a fitness center. Hence, they do not have access to treadmills and the like. However, there is an option like running routes.

However, even that has problems that you need to address. Is the route suitable for running? Will it be safe and efficient for your running? Such questions are examples of this.

With that said, today we will lay out the pros and cons of running on a treadmill versus running outside.

The Treadmill

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Starting off with the treadmill, we’ll discuss the pros and cons that can help you know more about this hand machine.

As you might know, one of the best things about a treadmill is that you’re running miles in just one area. You don’t need to find a large park like the Washington Monument or Central Park.

Also, you won’t be bothered by weather conditions and whatever is happening outside.

This gives you maximum control over your schedule. Thus, it greatly enhances your consistency and efficiency. Remember, running should be consistent with your routine and the degree of difficulty must remain similar.

You can’t just run for 5 minutes for just a few hundred meters today and run a mile the next morning. Creating a good running plan is essential for those aspiring to be serious runners. A treadmill will solve most of these.

Add also to the fact that treadmills measure calories, distance and have an incline feature, then it’s a wonder machine. The only con that you have with a treadmill is it comes at a price.

Moreover, you’ll also need a right spot in your house to place it. For those looking to go to the gym or fitness center, membership is, of course, needed to access their treadmills.

Finally, if your treadmill is situated at home, there’s a possibility of inefficiency too. Although it’s an efficient way to run, a treadmill at home might make you lazy.

Furthermore, it can be tempting to turn it off, grab a snack, and watch TV since it’s just a few steps away.

Running Outside

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The strengths of running outside basically are the weakness of a treadmill. This is the reason why this competition is a very heated one. The primary advantage of running outside is it’s a way better motivator than a treadmill at home. However, if you are looking for a way to burn calories while sitting at a desk all day and using a work treadmill, find out more here.

Personally, I can say this out of experience since I’ve tried both.

So why is running outside a motivator? Well foremost, you not being in your house already means your out of your comfort zone. That means you’re already pushed to do “something” by the environment you’re in.

If you’re in a famous park that has a lot of runners, like the Washington Monument area, then chances are you will be motivated to do it.

More so, imagine meeting a beautiful woman or a handsome man who’s also doing rounds outside. Won’t that be even a better motivator?

All jokes aside, running outside will push you to run and not stop. Of course, all of these benefits are further enhances because using the outdoors is free.

Of course, there are disadvantages too. One of these disadvantages is the location of your house and the weather. Also, people with flat feet might be more susceptible to injury when running outside.

If you’re an individual who lives in an awful district or someone who has flat feet, then this might not be the best choice. Examples of this “terrible areas” are uncomfortable areas like slums or pavements that are cluttered and wrecked.

Moreover, the weather plays an integral role to your running schedule too. Blizzards, hurricanes and blistering summer days will affect the overall performance of your running.

So Why Not Both?

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Some people have the capacity and luxury to afford a treadmill and have a stable running route. That’s pretty advantageous, especially since you’ll have options when something is not working to your favor.

An example of this is a blizzard during winter. You won’t want to be like these people if you plan to take your running outside. On the other hand, if it’s blistering hot outside, you can result in either your home treadmill or your fitness center.

Despite both having obvious strengths, and despite using both methods is the best scenario. Not everybody has that capability.

For example, a person living in a very busy area wouldn’t have the luxury to run outside. Use the busy streets of Manila or New York, for example.

With that, the verdict on which is better is up for grabs. A good outdoors is a good motivator, while a treadmill at home is the more efficient one. Choosing which is best will depend on your preferences.

However, in my opinion, I would give the treadmill a slight edge. After all, it’s a long-term investment. As long as you have the discipline to keep running even at home, then it will be worth the money.

Author Bio

emily carter guest post author bioEmily Carter is an American competitive athlete who is always trying to push herself to the limit. She is also the founder of GoAheadRunner, where her associates blog contain articles to provide everything a runner needs, whether you are a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner.

As a certified holistic life coach, Emily also has 3 years’ experience as a power running instructor and holds a degree in sport science. She loves bringing what she knows and learns to the community and hopes to help everyone to the road to happiness.


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