5 Ingenious DIY Camping Hacks

DIY camping hacks at night

Camping, essentially, is done to get away from the stress of the city; to escape the problems in life and to reconnect with yourself and nature. It is done in places far away from civilization to have peace and quiet, where the only thing that accompanies you is the tranquility and calm of nature. Common camping spots are in mountains but one place that is usually disregarded as a camping spot are beaches because they are generally riddled with people. But with the right dedication and eagerness to camp, you’ll find the perfect place for you. One example of a quiet and beloved beach camping spot is found in Tablas island resorts. It’s remote and does not have a lot of people due to its distance from urban places so you can enjoy the beach all for yourself and amenities are provided by the people working there.

Camping can be enjoyed by anyone as long as they have the necessary tools and objects needed for camping. But if ever you want to go camping but you don’t have the things needed then you can try these DIY hacks for camping:
charcoal can stove

#1. Can Charcoal Stove

You’ll be needing:

1 Empty tin can

Aluminum foil



Here’s what you need to do:

Start by cutting the tin can from the top until you reach a few centimeters before the base, the distance between each cut is up to you as long as you can spread the cut parts and can still use the uncut part as the base. Then after spreading the cut parts, cover the inside part with aluminum foil, keep it tight so the foil doesn’t come off while you’re cooking. Next is to fill the base with charcoal and then you’re set! If you want to start cooking light up the charcoal so they get hot, then place the grill on top of the spread pieces, and you’re good to go!

first aid in prescription meds bottle

#2. Prescription Bottle Mini First Aid Kit

What you’ll need:

1 Prescription bottle


Small bottle of alcohol

Here’s what you’ll do:

Empty the prescription bottle, clean it up, and let it dry. When it’s all dry, fill it up with stacks of bandages, and put in the small bottle of alcohol. You’ll carry a first aid kit but with minimal space requirement and best of all, it’s easy to carry.

shavings for DIY camping hacks

#3. Single Use Soap Shavings

What you’ll need:

A bar of soap

Vegetable or fruit peeler

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Before you do anything, make sure that the soap is dry. When you’ve confirmed it, use the peeler to shave of a decent sized shaving of soap. When you’ve shaved enough for your stay in the wilderness, put them in a tightly packed container. When you feel the need to take a bath, take a piece. That’ll reduce the hassle of having to reuse soap, over and over again.

makeshift fire for DIY camping hacks

#4. Doritos Fire Starter

What you’ll need:

Bag of Doritos

Lighter or matches

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Place the Doritos under the twigs and branches you’ll use as campfire. Light up the Doritos and let it burn under the wood to start kindling the flame. Its easy to do and you’ll have a snack while preparing the campfire! By the way, It doesn’t have to be Doritos, you can substitute other brands of corn chips to use as a fire starter.

charcoal placed in egg carton

#5. Egg Carton Fire Starter

What you’ll need:

Egg carton



Here’s what you need to do:

Put the pieces of charcoal in the egg carton and close the carton. Light up the carton and let it be. The flame from the carton will be caught by the charcoal and there it is! You have a campfire going with two easy steps.

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