Health Benefits That Will Please Coffee Addicts

Health Benefits That Will Please Coffee Addicts coffee swirl

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Coffee is one of our most popular drinks with an incredible 54% of Americans drinking the hot beverage every day of their life. While a simple coffee appears to be the biggest accompanying drink with 65% of us drinking it at breakfast, various types of coffee have also become fashionable in high-street coffee shops around the nation. Starbucks has of course been key in popularizing variations such as the cappuccino and latte, and customers expect to get the same quality when they take a trip abroad. Coffee addicts can rest assured they’ll find their favorite Frappuccino wherever they go in the world, but beware: prices can vary a lot depending on the Starbucks’ location!

Indeed, money experts Couponbox recently conducted a survey on Starbucks around the world to discover how consistent their prices are for their most popular drinks. They discovered that Bern in Switzerland was the most expensive place with an average cost of $6.06 for a latte and the cheapest appeared to be in Warsaw, Poland, with an average price of $2.85. Americans will be proud to know that it will only set them back $3.15 if they visit a Starbucks in New York.

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So it’s established, we are addicted. Are you hearing alarm bells ringing? Well actually, coffee can really benefit our health, and in more than one way! Of course, that’s as long as you don’t go overboard with it and overload yourself with too much caffeine (and get the jitters).

Brain Function & Energy Levels

The Harvard School of Public Health revealed in studies that when we drink coffee it improves various parts of our brain function. This includes general cognitive function, memory, reaction and response times, as well as energy levels and mood.

A Fat Burner

Caffeine can be found in nearly every fat-burning supplement product because it is one of the few natural substances that aid slimming. Coffee has been found to boost the metabolic rate of up to 11%, increasing the burning of fat and energy levels.

Lowers Disease Risk

Coffee is believed to lower the risk of getting diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia and it seems to be the caffeine which plays the part of this. Coffee also has several important nutrients which are recommended daily, such as riboflavin (vitamin B12), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), magnesium and niacin (vitamin B3), manganese and potassium.

Reduces Toxic Build Up

Dr Oliver Kennedy of Southampton University revealed that a person who drinks 4 or more cups of coffee a day can greatly reduce their chance of cirrhosis of the liver. The liver can be affected by common diseases such as hepatitis, fatty liver disease and other conditions that cause cirrhosis of the liver. Coffee is also protective against two specific types of cancer – liver and colorectal.

Coffee Makes You Happy!

We all know that coffee is a pick-me-up and it gives us an energy boost whenever we need it due to the caffeine content. The study that was conducted by Harvard University in 2011 showed that women who drank 4 or more cups of coffee per day lowered the risk of depression and mental health disorders by 20%.

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Coffee can give us that ‘get up and go’ feeling, it helps the brain function and can even help us to lose weight! It has natural substances that protects us against lifetime physical conditions and reduces our chances of fatal diseases. So, next time you enjoy a cup of coffee, maybe from a drip coffee maker, think of the health benefits too.


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