How to Find Yourself a Date for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day date sunset glasses of wine

With Valentine’s Day only a few weeks away, you need to start looking for a date. A perfect excuse to inject some romance into your life, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to find love. And here are five great ways of bagging yourself a date – and possibly a soul mate for life too!

1 Happy Hour

To find a date, you need to get out there and meet people. Make the best use of your weeknight evenings and enjoy evenings out enjoying happy hour at local high class bars.

However, as with all activities around meeting new people, you need to be safe. Although most people are not masquerading as serial killers, you do need an awareness of who they are.

Follow these guidelines for staying safe;

  •    Happy hours are great for mingling and mixing so make it a group affair
  •    Don’t leave your drink unattended and keep it in sight at all times
  •    Only give out your mobile and not your address until you are sure that you want to take the relationship further
  •    Only agree to a date in a public place, and have a get out plan with a friend, just in case you need it

2 Wear Red

You may think wearing red as being too predictable when it comes to Valentine’s Day, after all, it is the colour of love, but there is now scientific evidence to prove that wearing red is a great way of attracting potential partners.

Women wearing red, known as the Red Dress Phenomenon, is thought to have been one of the main reasons why men would be attracted to a woman. The colour is said to inspire confidence in the opposite sex, encouraging them to engage and ask questions.

But research has found that this is reciprocated so chaps, get your red sweaters out or don a red tie for the ladies to come flocking.

3 Join a Dating Site

Love them or hate them, there are some fantastic romantic stories of people meeting their soul mate online and dancing into the sunset.Even when things don’t go so well, there are plenty of tales of people meeting up with like-minded people and becoming great friends through dating sites.

Just like enjoying a safe happy hour, there are safe and proven ways of enjoying good matches through dating sites too:

  •    Choose a personalised dating site that takes your safety seriously and use one that has a proven track record. One that specialises in finding matches for people just like you.
  •    Give details about yourself that will attract like-minded people, but don’t give out personal information too quickly
  •    If you agree to meet someone, do so in a public place and engage the services of a friend or friends to be in the vicinity to help you out if needed
  •    Get to know people before you go plunging in
  •    Remember, most people are kind and genuine but there are a small minority who are not

4 Get Your Running Shoes Out…

You know that gym membership you bought at the start of the year as part of your New Year’s resolution to get fit and toned? Use it! Of course, frequenting the gym is great for your health but it is also a prime spot to meet new people too, bagging a date for Valentine’s Day.

5 Attend a Singles Event

Imagine a room full of singletons all looking for the same thing – a chance at meeting their soul mate – wouldn’t that be great, knowing everyone was on the same page? There will be no ‘is this a relationship or not?’ dilemmas because everyone is there for the same reason.

Who will your date be this Valentine’s?


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