Best Ways To Start Your Days

Start Your Day by stretching out window

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Most of us have some wonderful routine that we’ve fallen into and stuck by for weeks, months maybe even years. But is it as wonderful as we really think it is? The only reason we ask is because how you launch into your day the moment you wake up can have a huge impact on two major things: productivity and positivity. Don’t despair though, we’re here to help you figure out what your morning is missing. Enjoy.

Not Just Any Old Alarm

You’re weekdays probably start with some sort of alarm exploding from your bedside table and waking you from the deepest of slumbers. Well this needs to stop. You need to swap out your current alarm clock, or app, and get one that knows your natural circadian rhythm. What this does is, it wakes you at the best time for you to be woken. Better wake up, better day. It’s simple maths.

No More Cheap Coffee

It’s time to upgrade your coffee. No more of that instant stuff made up of freeze-dried granules. It’s time to get yourself some fresh ground coffee and wake up with a gorgeous french press and the warm smell of an italian villa. To learn more about french press coffee makers just have a look online. There are plenty to meet your budget, whatever that is.

No Screens.

It has become a habit that we all need to break. We all wake up, roll over, grab our phones and check our personal email, Facebook, our work email, Instagram, Twitter and the news. It’s a really bad habit. Your morning should be reserved for you. So why not grab your coffee, and curl up in a window seat and just have some time for you.


This is underrated. We all love a good stretch, but not enough of us start the day with one. You don’t even have to get up to do it. You can do it from the warmth and comfort of your own bed. All you have to do is stretch your legs out as far as they’ll go, pointing your toes, and then stretching your arms out above your head with a gorgeous exhalation of air. The way this works is simple; it gets the blood flowing and that makes you feel energised. After all, you’ve been asleep for so many hours and that means your body was in recovery mode, so start it with a gentle stretch.


A great way to set your day up for total success is to take a minute to set some goals for the, set out what you’d like to achieve. Don’t do too many, just a few. Maybe do three big ones, and a couple of smaller tasks that would be bonuses. These could be anything. It could be getting that gym subscription you’ve been saying you’ll get for 5 months. It could be making yourself a healthy pack up instead of grabbing another sandwich for lunch. Anything, just as long as they are positive ones.


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