Animal House: Keeping Your Home Clean With Pets Around

Home Clean With Pets Around dog panting

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So many of us have pets that we love. They’re a part of our families, and we wouldn’t trade them for the world. However, that doesn’t make them the neatest beasts on Earth. Pets come with hair, drool, and various debris from outside. They can track debris through the house and even leave us surprises in the form of half-dead critters. If you want to have a clean house, managing it with a pet can be a little tough. But it’s not impossible, even if you have a huge dog or several cats. The advice below will help you to keep your home clean when you have pets in your life.

Create Pet Rules

Any home with pets should have rules about what they can or can’t do. Of course, it’s easier to control some pets than others. A cat or a rabbit is less susceptible to training than a dog. But you can still teach them to do things. The rules are really for the humans in the house, as it’s your job to enforce them. Some rules you might have include not letting the dog on the couch or the bed, or keeping the cat out of the kitchen. Maybe you have to wipe the dog’s paws before they can come in the house.

Deal with Floors

When you have pets, one of the things that can be affected most is the floors. Dogs can easily scratch up floors with their claws. And, of course, pet hair, mud and various other substances can get into carpets and rugs. Regular vacuuming is essential if you have a pet with lots of fur. You can also clean rugs and carpets using a rug shampooer when you need to. When it comes to scratches, think proactively. Keeping claws trimmed can help, and you might also wish to use plastic or something similar to cover doors. The right training helps too.

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Clean Upholstered Furniture

Pet hair can also get into upholstered furniture, so it’s important to deal with it. One option is to choose furniture that’s pet-friendly. Leather or other non-fabric materials are good choices that will help repel hair. Microfiber or microsuede are good choices if you do like fabric. You can also keep upholstered furniture clean by vacuuming and washing it. It can also help to simply use a rubber glove or tool to collect any hair. Simply put on the glove and run your hand firmly along the fabric to pick up the hair.

Grooming Your Pet

Keeping your pet groomed will certainly help you keep your home clean. Apart from trimming your dog’s nails, you can also make sure you brush them regularly. You can do the same for cats and any other animals with fur. Brushing the fur out will help you to contain it, especially if they are shedding a winter coat. You might also take some pets to a professional groomer if they need to have their fur clipped.

Pets can cause a lot of mess, but if you stay on top of it, your home can still look clean and tidy.


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