Start The New Year Off Right With These Party Ideas

Party Ideas for New Year sparklers

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The Christmas and new year periods are the best times to throw a party. As soon as the Christmas festivities are over, it’s time to look towards that new year fun. If you’ve got the task of organizing a new year party, don’t panic. We’ve got a guide of how to make sure your party goes off with a bang! So, sit back, have a read, and get ready for fun.

Party Ideas for New Year ball ornaments

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The decorations for a new year party are easy to get right. As it’s still the Christmas period, leave your tree and decorations up for the occasion. These will help keep festivities alive, as well as adding a touch of sparkle to your party! On top of this, invest in something like Snow Shifts electrical snow machines! Cover your front lawn in fake snow to give your guests the late white Christmas they were after. This can be a lot of fun if you have children attending. It’ll help keep the magic alive! Otherwise, think glitz and glam. There’s something luxurious about new year’s eve. Gold is always a good color to go for. Drap some gold foil across the ceiling, and get gold table cloths!

Party Ideas for new Year Party Trays

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Keeping food simple is the best thing for any party. This is especially true just after Christmas when everyone’s eaten enough to last them through a winter hibernation! Don’t stress yourself out by trying to prepare anything too special. At this time of year, there’s plenty of party food in the shops. Stock up on that. Certain staples always go down well, like Indian bites and mini pizzas. If you feel bad about buying the food, make some sandwiches or a desert. Your guests won’t hold a freezer buffet against you. In fact, they’ll probably be glad to see some simple food! It’s worth leaving bowls of nibbles around the room so that people can snack. Peanuts always go down well, as do crisps.


If you feel the need to include entertainment, there are many fun options your can choose! Bearing in mind that your party is sure to go off well, even without the games. It can be fun to have a few games set aside to make sure the party runs smoothly. As new year’s eve is about saying goodbye to the old year and saying hello to a new one, you can have a lot of fun with this. One excellent game is to get people to remember their favorite moments of the year just gone. Write down memory prompts on cards, and get each guest to take one and tell the room. Write prompts like ‘Best moment’ and ‘Biggest laugh.’ Remember to keep these cards light-hearted and positive. It’s a party, after all! You could also play a new year resolution game. Get everyone to write down their new year’s resolutions on a piece of paper, then put them all in a bowl. Have each guest pull one out and try to decide who wrote it!


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