Kick Start 2017 With These Top Weight Loss Tips

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Everyone is probably feeling a little heavier after Christmas, and many are likely going to start their new health regimen come the new year. But there are a huge amount of ways in which you can lose weight. Just like there are many ways you can gain weight. Here we explore some methods in which you can shed the Christmas pounds.

Do Nothing

Sounds strange doesn’t it? But if you just get back into your routine you’ll be surprised to find the weight drops naturally. This is because you haven’t kept up the new eating habit, and your body will soon return to the weight dictated by your day to day life. You need to make sure you stop snacking and eating heavy fatty meals like you do over Christmas and get back to normality, but other than that you don’t actively have to do anything at all. You won’t lose anything extra this way, so if you wanted to get into a better shape you’ll need to do a lot more.

Try Other Alternatives

If you aren’t a big dieter, then there are other alternatives out there for you, it’s not all about diet. You need to get into the psychology of weight loss and learn why you overeat. There could be a multitude of reasons, but once you’ve gotten to the bottom of it you can begin your weight loss journey. Eliminating the blockers is how you begin. It’s usually as simple as freeing up some time or getting some support from your family.

Move More

This is obvious, but it does not necessarily mean exercise. Instead it’s walking to the local shops instead of driving or walking the dog on a longer route. Being slightly more active can be what starts your exercise regimens, or, alternately it could be all you need to shed the weight you want. You can try using a pedometer, they’re usually built into smartphones these days. Perhaps you can invest in a Fitbit, which will track exactly how much you’re moving around. Sometimes seeing it can give you the boost to wrack the steps up. It can help to get outdoors too, go to a national park with your family, you can turn days out into a form of exercise and activity.

Keep A Log

Sometimes we just forget what we eat throughout the day. Especially if you’re a big snacker. With a food journal you can keep note of exactly what and when you eat. This can help you narrow down your choices in later days, knowing exactly what you’ve eaten can help you stop heating unnecessarily, especially at the end of the day you look over everything you’ve eaten, the list will probably be way longer than you think. You can use an actual note pad or even a smartphone app to trace what you eat, if you wanted you could jot the calorie intake down to, helping you work out whether you’re eating too much. Managing what you actually eat is a great way to lose weight.


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