Smart Ideas For Taking Your Fitness To The Next Level

smart fitness ideas


How is your fitness right now? I know a lot of people that are happy with their current levels. They eat well and do the same workouts on the same day of every week. But are they getting fitter, or just staying at the same level?

The truth is if you want to increase your fitness and strength, you need to put in a  little more effort. I’ve pulled together some bright ideas for improving your fitness to the next level – and I’m going to share them with you right now.


A slow, nicely-paced jog might help you feel better about yourself. But is it really doing you much good? Any exercise is better than none, of course. But perhaps you would benefit from shaking things up a little. Try intensifying your activities – work harder for shorter. High-intensity interval training, for example, is an excellent way to burn off more calories and get fitter. And, it might only take you 20 minutes to get more of a benefit than a 90-minute jog.

Get off the treadmill

Treadmills are OK for running – but they are far from ideal. And why waste all that money on a gym membership when you can get a better result from running outside? The natural environment has a significant edge on a gym treadmill. You have the element of surprise – hulls, the weather, different types of terrain. And it gives you the opportunity to experience a whole lot more than just starting at the latest pop video on a gym wall. Try it out – you might be surprised at how far it takes you.

take fitness to the next level


Mix up your pushups

Push ups can be a great way of improving your upper body strength. But, there are many different types of push-up that you should be using. You can invest in some equipment, too, which will make them more efficient. Take parallettes, for example. There are some incredible things you can do with parallette bars. They can give you a much greater range of motion when you are doing simple pushups, for example. They can also help you perform a V-Sit – which works your abdomen and lower back. And, once you pick up the core strength you need, you can even try doing handstand push ups with them.

Have more fun

Getting fit can be a lonely experience. And, there will be many days when you don’t push yourself to your limits, simply because you don’t feel like it. The solution? Try doing more fun activities. Encourage friends to go out or work out with you. Investigate the possibility of getting involved with a team sport – your team mates will drive you on through when you aren’t feeling up to it. And, finally, make your workouts mean something. Look at working out as a way of being able to do new things, rather than just drop a dress size.

OK, so there you have it – a few awesome ways of getting more from your workouts. Feel free to leave some of your suggestions below!


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