Eye-Catching Ideas That Will Update Your Kitchen In An Instant

update your kitchen

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Are you looking to inject a bit a color into your kitchen? Are you hoping to update the look without spending a fortune or making wholesale changes? If so, here are some simple, eye-catching ideas that will transform your kitchen in an instant.

Chalkboard wall

Are you a fan of doodling? Do you love the interior design ideas on show at gastropubs and trendy bars? Are you keen to indulge your creative side? If so, why not add a chalkboard wall to your kitchen? This is a modern, funky addition to any room, and it’s guaranteed to get people talking.

Grow your own herbs

Greenery is a great addition to any kitchen, and what better way to bring the outside in than starting your own herb tray? Growing herbs is relatively simple, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end. There are loads of cool ideas online if you’re looking for ways to create a display out of your herb garden. You could use miniature jugs, crates, and buckets for a vintage look. Or opt for copper plant pots for a modern vibe.

update kitchen ideas

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Coloured accessories

Accessories are a fantastic way to add accents to your kitchen. Choose a colorway, and then start looking for additions that fit in with your ideas. You could go for a statement coffee machine or invest in some pastel storage tins. Choose matching kettles and toasters, or add a pop of colour with a brightly colored bin. Yellow and gray and black and white are winning combinations. If you’re buying new appliances, like those seen on this website, make sure you go for style and substance. You can compare prices and read reviews online.

Breakfast bar

Do you eat your dinner on your lap or your breakfast standing up in front of the TV? If so, why not create a space-saving dining area in the form of a trendy breakfast bar. Put up a chunky shelf, and add diner-style stools. Add some salt and pepper pots, and a few magazines, and you’ve got a functional space for next to nothing. If you’re keen to run with the diner idea, neon bar signs, and retro sauce bottles are a great addition.

Wall art

Wall art can bring your kitchen to life, and emphasize a theme. If you’ve got a modern kitchen with a kitsch vibe, go for oversized LED letter lights. Spell out words or go for your initials. Framed quotes are also a fabulous choice. If you’ve got a vintage kitchen, old-fashioned plaques and signs will work well.

update ideas for kitchen

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If you want to change the look of your kitchen, you may assume that you need to spend a lot of money. The good news is that there are some really simple and inexpensive ways of switching things up. Pay attention to detail, and don’t underestimate the importance of accessories and accents. Make your kitchen a cool and versatile space with touches like a chalkboard wall or a breakfast bar. Add colour pops or bring the walls to life with art and framed photographs. Have fun with your designs, and celebrate your sense of style.


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