Your Health: Where To Spend And Where to Save

Your Health: Where To Spend And Where to Save
Your Health: Where To Spend And Where to Save

Knowing where to save and where to splurge when it comes to your health can be tricky, but this guide can help.

Save on… pre-made smoothies

Dashing to work in a rush? Want to skip the Cappuccino, so grab a pre-bottled smoothie instead? Think again. First up, they are far more expensive than it would cost to make the same thing at home. Secondly, these drinks have added chemicals and additives in them to keep them fresh and make them extra tasty.

Spend on… fruit and veg

Unlike the pre-made smoothies mentioned above, fresh fruit and veg comes additive free. Buy it from local farmers markets so you know it is locally-sourced. Then you’ll know it won’t have been subject to chemicals to keep it fresh. You’re also giving back to your community by doing this, and helping keep smaller businesses alive. Put them in smoothies, eat them raw or cook with them. The choices are endless.


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Save on… gym membership

A gym membership can be incredibly expensive. The price can inflate even more if it is the only gym in the area, or if it has extra facilities, like a pool or climbing wall. But take a step back from thinking a gym membership is a necessity. It could be that the only way to make the cost worthwhile is by going every single day without fail. If you can’t guarantee you can or will do this, find an alternative. There are dozens and dozens of other ways to get the body you’ve always wanted and a healthier lifestyle. Even running in your local neighbourhood only has to cost you the price of a pair of trainers!

Spend on… vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are important because of the amount of good they can do for your body. They can perform, quite literally, hundreds of different roles. The best multi vitamin that you should be looking for is one that actually has multiple benefits. This will mean that you are giving your body everything it needs to function at maximum capacity. You also can find versions that cater especially to your gender.

Save on… Exercising outfits

As we’ve already mentioned, it is important for your health to stay active. Outside of the gym, this can be done in loads of ways. Run to work, or cycle to your friend’s house. Join a yoga class or take up a spot in the local rowing team. What you do doesn’t matter, and for the most part, neither does what you wear.

Sure, there will be some activities that you need specialist equipment and clothing for. You can’t scuba dive in just a bikini or trunks, for example! However, for most activities, clothing doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. Items like vests, leggings and training bras can be massively overpriced. If you are just running a couple of times a week, you need a sturdy pair of trainers. You also need some loose fitting clothes, like a baggy tee-shirt and some shorts, for example. But that’ its. Don’t get bogged down in spending all you money on the ‘latest must-have outfit’.


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