Give Your Spare Room A Purpose With These Ideas

Give Your Spare Room A Purpose With These Ideas
Give Your Spare Room A Purpose With These Ideas

Many of us have a spare room in our homes. It’s the room with the door permanently closed. It’s the place where all the old boxes and junk gets thrown in, and the door slammed shut before it all falls out again. The spare room is often the place where all the clutter goes so the rest of the house can look immaculate. But are you wasting an opportunity? Even if you never have guests over to stay, could that spare room be used for something other than hoarding?

Most of us have hobbies or interests that can become neglected and even forgotten as time goes by. Why not resurrect your hobby? You could have all the space you need in your spare room! The first thing to do is empty it out completely. You might have a table top sale or simply move it all to a storage centre. When the room is completely empty, you can give it a face lift. A lick of paint on the walls and some fresh flooring could turn it into your personal sanctuary.

If you love books, why not turn your spare room into a library? Spare rooms often have peculiar dimensions and nooks and crannies. Custom cabinetry could make sure your room is completely bespoke. No space needs to be wasted when you’re designing your own bookcases and cabinets. Why not add a hidden cupboard where you can hide away your favourite guilty pleasures?


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You might choose to use this space as your own personal dressing room. You could install a walk-in wardrobe. Ceiling spot lights can be installed in under a day by a professional electrician. Mirrors on both sides the room and an elegant dressing table could turn your spare room into the perfect dressing area. Use shelves, drawers and hanging space to prepare your clothing ready for each day of the week. A hanger for your accessories can help you put together an outfit in no time.

If you’re a secret artist, now could be the perfect time to revive those skills. An empty room with a white backdrop could be all you need to set up your artist’s studio. Perhaps photography is more your thing. You’ll need a desk for your MacBook so you can instantly view your shots. If you love portrait photography, it could be worth investing in some great studio lights so you can take photos whenever the mood suits you. Perhaps this could be a new revenue stream for you?

If you’re like me, and you love beauty products, why not set up your own mini salon at home? A spare room could be the perfect space for your needs. Then you can invite your friends over to try out some of your latest products. It’s good to have a dedicated space to practice these things too. If you really love it, why not become qualified and licensed? You could offer all your neighbours some great treatments.

Spare rooms shouldn’t be wasted. And when it comes to selling your home, it’s important it has a purpose. Add value to your home and your lifestyle by repurposing your spare room.


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