*Sunfilled Sunday*

Workout running outfit

Grey shirt and black pants church outfit

Today is a gorgeous 72 degree day! It could not be any more pleasant outside. We started our day by going to Church and ran a couple quick errands. After that it was homeward bound! We love having Sundays as a day to relax and enjoy family time. Derek and I usually go for a run on Sundays together. I love running with him…he sets a great pace for me and I usually achieve my best times with him by my side. Today we both weren’t too antsy on running but knew it had to be done. So we laced up our shoes and off we went!

Full length grey shirt and black pant outfit

My Church Outfit

While running the weather was fantastic…cooler air, just enough sun on your face. I felt great from the start. Derek ran 30 minutes and I kept running my usual 7 miles. I clocked in at 54:44. This was my personal best….a new record! And what was even better…I wanted to keep going! It is amazing how the weather has such a huge factor on your body. We have a 5K coming up in two weeks (Yes I even got my boyfriend to sign up which is a miracle) and I have been working on my speed. A month ago I was running the same route at 60 minutes and now to cut it down 6 minutes is a huge accomplishment for me. I was ecstatic. Today was a feel good run….now too bad they all are not like that!

Workout running outfit

My running outfit 

After our run we did an Ab workout. I was sweating more doing leg lifts than my run! Abs are such a hard body part to sculpt and work for….not to mention, it just hurts! I was very glad when we were done with that! Then we ate our healthy lunch, changed into our comfy clothes and now have the rest of the afternoon and evening to do NOTHING! How perfect for a Sunday! Days like these are what make me truly happy. Like always, I enjoy the little things.

Family picture with a grey tabby cat

Our family picture from today!


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