*DIY Under 10 Minutes*

Spray painting a napkin holder craft

Happy weekend! This means it’s quick, cheap and easy DIY day! I wanted to post one of the simplest projects to do! I have a clear napkin holder that I purchased at the Dollar Tree. It was boring and I wanted to add some color. I love spray paint. It is such a quick fix and you can have so much fun using it! I already had the color so I went to the garage and sprayed away! It dried within a half hour and the napkin holder had a whole new character! 

Dollar Tree Napkin Holder Spray Paint Project

The exact one I had. I removed the sticker.

Napkin holder spray paint craft

The spray paint I used is a teal which is our accent color

Spray painting a napkin holder craft

The final result! Looks so much better and brighter!


Dollar Tree Napkin Holder: $1.00

Rust-Oleum Satin Finish Spray Paint: Wal-Mart: $4.77

Now with that quick project out of the way….you can enjoy your weekend! Any special plans??? Have a fabulous day!



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