*Yarn Mania*


I wanted to make a quick craft using yarn. I do not think I have used it since Elementary school projects! I figured I would start with the basics and see if I still had skills. I had soup cans sitting in the recycle and knew they would be perfect. I got my hot glue gun out and started!

Soup can yarn project

Yarn, scissors, soup can and hot glue gun is all I needed

Yarn project using a soup can

I used a small amount of glue just along the bottom of the can and immediately started wrapping the yarn around the can

Easy, quick and cheap soup can yarn project

I wrapped the whole can and used some glue at the very top of the can so the yarn would stay

Using yarn and a soup can craft

There we go! I figured I would use mine as a pen holder…I wanted to display Eeyore!

Soup cans yarn do it yourself project

My sister created the one on the right…rainbow delight!


  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Soup Can
  • Yarn

Another easy project! This would be fun to make with kids. You can also fill the can with other great ideas…bobby pins, nick-knacks, flowers, utensils, kids’ small toys, houseplants, tea, office supplies…the list could go on, I just can’t think anymore!  


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