*End of Summer Look*

summer makeup look eye shadow

bright eye shadow

So in honor of Zimmermann Sale this wonderful summer coming to a close, I thought I would post one of my favorite tropical/Hawaiian/summery looks. I loved bright colors this summer and thought I would try it out for my eye shadow! I used Makeup Forever’s Aqua Creams! They are waterproof and there is no need for eye primer! Even for my eyes, which are so oily I only have 3 brands of primer that work for me. The key to using cream eye shadows is blend, blend, blend. Blend as soon as you apply because the shadow will dry fast! Once you get the hang of it, its easy as pie! Best part? It lasts all day long! 

Green yellow and blue eye shadow

When using a cream shadow, the easiest way to apply (for me), is I scoop some shadow on the back of my hand, take my blending brush and move it around so the pigment starts to become soft. It warms up with the warmth of your skin. I then use VERY little shadow (you can always add more) and apply onto my lid. 

Peacock makeup

My main color was the lime green which I applied from the middle of my eyelid to the very outer using my blending brush. I then took some yellow right into the inner corner of my bottom lid and blended. I used a little bit of blue right on top of my crease and blend all the colors together! 

Bright colored makeup

For the liner underneath, I used my concealer brush and applied each of the colors to the bottom lid. 

summer makeup look eye shadow

Any questions or if you would like a tutorial let me know!

*Thank you for a fun, busy, hot, sunny, relaxing and memorable Summer 2012!!!*

Products used:

Makeup Forever Aqua Cream #21 Turquoise  I purchased mine at Sephora $23.00

Makeup Forever Aqua Cream #23 Acid Green

Makeup Forever Aqua Cream #24 Matte Yellow

Benefit They’re Real Mascara (My most FAVORITE mascara EVER hands down!) $23.00

Estee Lauder Concealer Brush $22.00

Estee Lauder Blending Shadow Brush $28.00


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