*Happy Labor Day*

Summer sunset

Summer beach Grand Haven Michigan

The last hurrah of summer is here! A day where hard workers can relax and not have to work on a Monday!  And what a beautiful weekend we were blessed with! The 2 of us definitely wanted a low key weekend. So Sunday we decided to take a mini road trip! First we HAD to go running (was hard to bring myself to go, but glad I did!) I did my usual 56 minute 7 mile run and after we made it out to the beach to walk the Pier and eat the best corn dogs ever, called Pronto Pups! We shared one (because of our diet) and it was tempting not to get more!

Corn dogs of summer

I promise we only got one! This is from earlier in the summer when yes my sister and I got 4! Just wanted to show how scrumptious they look!

Grand Haven Pier Michigan

The Beautiful Grand Haven Pier we walked

Grand Haven Michigan Pier

At the End of the Pier

After our leisure walk to the end of the pier and back, it was hot and decided to eat at a pizza joint called Fricano’s. The only one open on a Sunday was about a half hour away so why not keep driving! We made it out there and enjoyed our thin crust pizza! (Our server messed up our order so we got 2 free pizzas to take home, bonus!) After dinner, my wonderful boyfriend decided to be romantic and bring me to watch the sunset at the local beach. We ended up walking the Pier also (2 in one day!) and found us ourselves a cozy spot between beach grass to watch the sun set. By 8:15, the pink/red sun was disappearing into the lake and it was the most beautiful sight! No clouds and so clear! Something about the beach is so relaxing, it makes you take a stop from reality and enjoy what God gave us.

Muskegon Pier Michigan

Beautiful Muskegon Pier

Sunset at Muskegon Pier Michigan

Perfect spot to watch the sunset

Sunset at Muskegon Pier Michigan

The pink sun disappearing into the lake!

We then drove the hour back home and made some ice cream! (Ever put salt in your ice cream? Try it! We previously tried the salted caramel ice cream at Kilwin’s and it was devine! Now we always HAVE to put salt in our ice cream)

It was a great end to a special Labor day kickoff! 


Today we woke up with the sun shining and what a beautiful Labor Day! We decided to go on a run again together! Derek ran for 30 minutes and I kept going and did my usual 7 miles ending at 57 minutes. Not to mention it was 90 degrees out while we were running! I was dripping buckets when I got home! So glad that run is over, but it felt good! With a hot and intense run as that was, we have now earned the rest of the day to relax! Derek is mastering his online work and I am sitting here typing and playing with Trooper, our kitten.  

grey tabby cat

Our precious kitten Trooper who we adopted almost 2 months ago enjoying the weekend with us!

This year on Labor Day, we didn’t feel like trecking it out of town or run errands all day…this is a day for leisure, family, enjoying each others company, relaxing and doing absolutely NOTHING!

How was your Labor Day? Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Now its time to welcome fall with open arms!


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