Easter Treat Ideas!

Happy April!

Today marks April 1st, which besides being April Fool's Day, is the official countdown until Easter. When I am preparing for the Holiday's, it helps me to plan ahead and browse different themed recipes to make. I like to incorporate at least one new recipe each year. I had fun browsing so many fun, unique, and creative ideas I had to share them! These are my favorite Easter recipes I found. To view the full recipe, click the link below each picture.

Now comes the hard part....choosing what ones to make!

Easter Candy Cake

Easter Candy Cake

From: MrsHappyHomemaker

Birds Egg Nests

Bunny Bait

Easter treats for kids

Bunny Food

From: JacksAndKate.com

Rice Krispies Nests

From: CurryAndComfort

Peeps Sunflower Cake

Sunflower Peep Cake

Carrot Top Cupcakes

From: Hungry Happenings

Easter Kit Kat Cake

From: CookaholicWife

Mini Spring Cupcakes

From: HalfHourMeals

Baby Chick Cheese Balls

From: HungryHappenings


Easter Candy Bark

From: TheIdeaRoom

Carrot Patch

From: HelpMyBudget

Marshmallow Easter Chick Treats & Free Printable Tags

Baby Chick Marshmallow Easter Treats

From: Livinglocurto

Rabbit's Easter Cupcakes

Rabbit's Easter Cupcakes

From: Family.go.com

Easter Pretzel Treats

From: TammyMitchellPhotography

Deviled Colored Eggs

From: Sarahscoop

So now I have to ask.....what is YOUR favorite Easter treat on here?!?!

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