*Happy Easter*


One of my favorite Holidays has always been Easter. It signifies winter is officially over (usually), I can wear bright colors again, the sun is out longer and most importantly, Jesus Christs’ resurrection. I was fortunate to spend this Easter with my family and had such a wonderful time. I went to a fish fry, attended Church, ate way too much candy, colored Easter eggs, made my Palm Sunday Crossesreceived and gave out Easter baskets and soaked in the meaning of this Holiday. One of my favorite quotes from the Bible for Easter is:

“And this is the promise which He Himself made to us: eternal life.”

-John 2:25-
How good does it feel for me to know Jesus Christ, Gods son, suffered and died on the cross, so that I can live the amazing life I was blessed with! This makes Easter such a feel-good Holiday and so joyous to celebrate!
Of course, my post would not be complete without pictures! Just a recap of Easter that shows how much of a good time I had!


We Colored Easter Eggs


My cats wanted to help us out!


They did a pretty good job 🙂


A Lenten tradition: Going to a fish fry!


Our Easter outfits for Church


He loved playing with the Easter eggs


The Easter Bunny came!


My beautiful TALL sister and I

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