Can Dogs Have Graham Crackers

Can Dogs Have Graham Crackers

Whether it is having a snack in the evening or eating at school, we often include Graham crackers in our meals. Sometimes, our paw friends try to mimic us and beg for a bite from these crackers. But can dogs have Graham crackers?

Dogs can eat Graham crackers as long as they don’t contain any harmful ingredients, like xylitol, chocolates, or any additives. Besides, they should take them in small quantities to avoid potential health risks.

As these crackers fall under the category of human foods, you must exercise some caution while offering them to your dog.

Can Dogs Have Graham Crackers?

From now on, you can share Graham crackers with your dog if he puts a tick on certain requirements. For example, these crackers come in varieties. Some have chocolate, some have honey, some have artificial sweeteners and many more. You can only let your dog eat these crackers when you are certain about their ingredients. We will discuss them later.

Can Dogs Have Graham Crackers

To avoid the side effects of Graham crackers, don’t let your canine friend eat too much of them. These biscuits don’t offer any nutritional value. Their primary ingredients are sugar, wheat, and milk, and a dog can survive without them. Hence, offer Graham crackers to dogs as an occasional treat in fewer quantities.

Which Graham Crackers Can Dogs Have?

Let’s figure out some safe Graham crackers that dogs can have without any stress.

Honey Graham Crackers

Since honey is safe for dogs, so are the honey graham crackers. Well, dogs can only have them if they don’t include xylitol.

Teddy Grahams Crackers

Luckily, Teddy Graham crackers have no ingredients that can be harmful to dogs. They are like plain Graham crackers, which are safe for dogs in moderation.

Cinnamon Graham Crackers

Cinnamon Graham crackers are another safe substitute for dogs. They should eat them in smaller quantities, as too much cinnamon can cause diarrhoea and vomiting.

Which Graham Crackers Dogs Cannot Have?

Well, there is only one Graham cracker that is not safe for dogs, even in the slightest amount. Let’s check it out.

S’mores Graham Crackers

S’mores Graham crackers are a tasty substitute because they have chocolate in them. Meanwhile, chocolate is not safe for dogs as it has theobromine, cocoa, and caffeine, which can kill dogs. Its marshmallow and sugar content are also high, which can upset a dog’s stomach. Besides, S’mores come with an artificial sweetener called xylitol. In short, S’mores Graham crackers have almost everything that can harm a dog.

Risks Of Having Graham Crackers

Most often, Graham crackers pose health threats to dogs when they eat them too much or in the wrong way. For example, Graham crackers are high in sugar. The more crackers a dog eats, the more sugar he consumes. This can be a reason for him to gain weight, which can lead to obesity. Besides, the sugar content in these crackers can increase blood sugar levels, which can be life-threatening for diabetic dogs.

Sugar is also responsible for dental plaque and tooth decay. If your dog is already struggling with his teeth, graham crackers will make his condition worse.

Can Dogs Have Graham Crackers

Don’t think unsweetened Graham crackers can be good for dogs. They have an artificial sweetener called xylitol. This sweetener reduces blood sugar levels and can be somewhat responsible for damaging body organs.

The processed ingredients found in these crackers are also unsafe for dogs. For instance, the processed oil used in them increases the fat content. Eating too much fat can inflame dogs’ pancreas, leading to pancreatitis. Besides, they contain preservatives and additives that are not good for a dog’s GI tract.

Another risk associated with Graham crackers is an allergic reaction. These crackers include wheat and many other ingredients. Even if they are all safe ingredients for dogs, they can still pose health threats to them. The reason can be dogs having allergies to human foods like wheat, oil, vegetables, etc.

How Much Graham Crackers Can Dogs Have?

We know Graham crackers are high in calories, fats, and sugar. So it is inevitable that dogs can have them in small quantities. According to veterinarians, a dog should eat human foods within 10% of their daily calorie intake. Besides, it depends on the breed and how much Graham Cracker or other human foods he can eat.

For example, a 10-pound dog should consume 366 calories a day. Meanwhile, one Graham cracker has 59 calories. Hopefully, your dog is not eating only graham crackers as human food for the entire day. He will definitely eat fruits, veggies, and other healthy treats that have calories. Hence, the amount of Graham crackers for dogs should be less.

If the dog is a beagle, Basenji, or any small breed, he can eat ¼ of a graham biscuit. Again medium breeds, like Border Collies and Basset Houndscan, ½ of a graham biscuit is enough. Lastly, for large breeds, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds, one graham cracker biscuit is fine.

How To Choose The Right Graham Crackers For Dogs?

To deliver the best Graham cracker to your dog, you must check out its ingredients first. As said earlier, most Graham crackers contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and additives. All these ingredients are risky for our canine friends.

See if the package has xylitol, glyphosate, chocolate, and carrageenan included or not. They all fall under the category of harmful ingredients for dogs.

When Can Dogs Have Graham Crackers?

Graham crackers don’t fall under the group of dog foods, and some dogs can’t eat anything except for dog foods. The reason can be allergies or any disease. That’s why it is important to figure out whether your dog can eat these crackers or not.

At first, let your paw friend eat one tiny piece of this cracker, and of course, it should be free from toxic ingredients. If he doesn’t show any side effects from eating that tiny piece, maybe he is ready to have another bite. In this way, you can introduce these crackers to him.

Even if you think your canine friend can share a few bites of graham biscuit, don’t offer it to them immediately. Ask his vet first if he can have this treat. As vets know about the old health records of their patients, they can give the right advice about their meals.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Graham Crackers?

Can dogs eat Graham crackers every day?

Dogs cannot eat Graham crackers every day as they do not have any necessary nutrients. In fact, regular consumption of carbs and sugar from these crackers can upset dogs’ stomachs.

Are Graham crackers good for dogs?

Graham crackers mostly contain carbs, fats, sugar, etc. that are not necessary for dogs. They can be a good substitute for letting dogs eat them as an occasional treat, as they don’t have any nutritional value.

Can Graham crackers cause heart disease in dogs?

Graham crackers have a high sugar content, which can increase blood sugar levels. The severity of reactions will depend on the amount of consumption. If a dog eats too much or a whole packet of these crackers, he can be prone to heart disease.

Final Verdict

After learning about some demerits of graham crackers, we may wonder, Can dogs have graham crackers? The answer is yes. Graham crackers are safe for dogs in moderation as long as they are not overweight, diabetic, obese, or allergic. Most importantly, their vet should know what treats they are having.

If your canine friend ever eats too much of these crackers, don’t panic. Let them throw up everything, and meanwhile, you contact his vet. He may prescribe you some medicine and even tell you to take your dog to him.


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