Can Dogs Have Coconut Water

Can Dogs Have Coconut Water

In order to detoxify our bodies, we usually rely on refreshing drinks like coconut water. Like us, our dogs also want hydration. When they see us drinking this water, we may think, Can dogs have coconut water?

Dogs can drink coconut water as it has no harmful elements but only necessary vitamins and electrolytes. But that doesn’t mean you can offer them any coconut water, especially the ones that have sweeteners. Besides, you need to keep its quantity low, as it is not a dog drink.

This article will make you certain about some safety concerns related to dogs having coconut water. Stay tuned.

All About Coconut Water

Coconuts, especially green ones, contain a water-like liquid with a different taste. People drink that water to rehydrate; that’s why they compare coconut water with hydrating drinks. However, it is not like coconut milk or coconut oil. It looks like water that has the natural flavour of coconut.

Can Dogs Have Coconut Water?

Luckily, dogs can enjoy the refreshing drink of coconut water. It has no toxins but loads of vitamins and minerals. It has electrolytes like any sports drink; they are potassium, manganese, and sodium. Along with providing hydration, coconut water can be a healthy drink for treating your dog’s minor illnesses and other health issues. Just remember to feed it to him in the right amounts and in the right way.

Benefits Of Coconut Water For Dogs

Coconut water can offer immense benefits to dogs if they drink it in the right amounts. This water has B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The B vitamins will help your dog’s cell growth, brain health, nervous system, energy, and digestion. Again, vitamin C will protect him from colds, cancer, scurvy, skin issues, and so on.

Can Dogs Have Coconut Water

One of the highest nutrients present in coconut water is potassium. This would be a great substitute for dogs who are suffering from hypokalemia due to potassium deficiency. This nutrient mainly regulates sugar, retains fluid, eliminates tiredness, and so on.

The calcium content in coconut water can aid dogs in their bone health. Then its iron will keep a check on the haemoglobin level. Again, zinc will promote thyroid function, coat health, and cure wounds.

Along with vitamins and minerals, coconut water has some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidant properties will protect your dog from the damage of free radicals. Meanwhile, the anti-inflammatory properties will prevent chronic issues and boost his cognitive function.

The best benefit that coconut water gives us is hydration. Although it doesn’t offer more hydration than water, it is a refreshing substitute after tiring work. Besides, this water can be a saviour for many diseases. Such as kidney stones, infections, and irregular bowel movements. Thanks to its monoglycerides and monolaurin, it soothes our body and GI tract.

Risks Of Having Coconut Water For Dogs

Dogs who take more coconut water than necessary usually face the side effects of it. As said earlier, coconut water has high amounts of potassium. The more a dog drinks coconut water, the more he ingests potassium. This can result in hyperkalemia. Its symptoms can be vomiting, dehydration, weight loss, lethargy, difficulty breathing, and so on.

Dogs dealing with an upset stomach can have severe conditions from drinking coconut water. They may go through diarrhoea, lack of appetite, pacing, etc.

Although coconut water has fewer calories, it still has calories. It means drinking too much coconut water can make dogs consume too many calories. This can result in weight gain and obesity. For diabetic dogs, too much coconut water can be life-threatening.

Another risk that we miss is the allergy. Some dogs can’t withstand plant-based foods and drinks when they get allergies. In that case, drinking coconut water can be irritating to their gut and skin.

How To Offer Coconut Water To Dogs?

Before you offer coconut water to your dog, remember to choose the right one. Some market-based coconut water contains artificial sweeteners, like xylitol. This is present in coconut water, which is labelled “sugar-free”. But that doesn’t mean you can feed that coconut water to dogs that have sugar. In short, you must give natural coconut water to your dog without any additives, preservatives, or sweeteners.

Can Dogs Have Coconut Water

Since you are introducing this hydrating drink to your dog for the first time, don’t let him eat alone. What we mean is to dilute the coconut water with drinking water first. If you want to feed 5 ml, 2.5 ml should be coconut water, and the other 2.5 ml should be drinking water. Your dog may drink this in liquid form.

Another way would be to freeze the diluted coconut water in ice tray cubes. This would be refreshing for our canine friends during the hot summer.

How Much Coconut Water Can Dogs Have?

Since coconut water doesn’t fall into the category of dog food, its quantity should be low. Before you decide how much coconut water a dog can have, first introduce this drink to him.

For example, you can let your dog drink one teaspoon of coconut water at first. If he gives no reaction afterwards, maybe he will be fine consuming this water. Then you can offer him another teaspoon of coconut water.

Anyway, a small dog should not have more than one sip, i.e., 1 ml of coconut water. Medium dogs can have two sips or up to 2 ml of it. Large dogs can drink up to 3 ml, and extra-large dogs can drink up to 4 ml of coconut water.

When Can Dogs Have Coconut Water?

If you want your dog to get the most out of coconut water, make sure he can have that. For instance, coconut water is high in potassium. If your dog’s diet already includes potassium, he should avoid coconut water.

Coconut water also has good sodium levels. This can be hazardous for dogs dealing with high blood pressure. So better offer it to your canine friend when he has low pressure. Again, dogs who need a proper bowel movement can have this drink, but dogs with an upset stomach shouldn’t. This can also be a healthy drink for dogs with kidney issues, liver issues, or any body organ failure.

Apart from all these, your dog can only have coconut water when his vet allows it.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Coconut Water?

Can dogs drink coconut water every day?

Drinking coconut water every day can make dogs intake too much potassium, which can be dangerous for their health. Therefore, dogs should drink coconut water occasionally.

Is coconut water safe for dogs with UTIs?

Coconut water can not only treat urinary tract infections in humans but also dogs. Thanks to its soothing abilities, it also saves kidney issues.

Do dogs like coconut water?

Dogs admire coconut water, especially in the hot summer when they feel dehydrated. It has the same ability to give a refreshing feeling as a sports drink.

Is coconut water good for dogs’ skin?

Coconut water has vitamin C and antioxidant properties that keep skin issues at bay. Hence, offering it to your dog can promote good skin and coat health.

Final Thoughts

After learning about the merits and demerits of coconut water, we may wonder, Can dogs have coconut water? The answer is yes. Coconut water is safe for dogs in small amounts if it has no sweeteners, the dog is not allergic, does not have high blood pressure, and has his vet’s approval.

If your paw friend ever drinks too much coconut water, don’t panic. Be a wise guardian, monitor his symptoms, and tell his vet about them. Meanwhile, let him throw up and rest for a while. If his condition gets worse, give him urgent treatment by taking him to his vet.


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