Why did the popularity of esports explode?


The popularity of esports has exploded in recent years due to a combination of various factors. Punters can make online betting on 1xBet site on great events from this fantastic discipline. Some of these aspects include:

  • technological advancements;
  • increased accessibility;
  • global reach;
  • and professionalization and infrastructure;

The advancement of technology, particularly in the realm of internet connectivity and streaming platforms, has played a crucial role in the popularity of esports. Right now on the 1xBet site you can make online betting on many events that you can follow through the Internet.


High-speed internet access has made it possible for millions of people worldwide to watch live streams of competitive gaming events. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Mixer have provided a convenient and accessible way for fans to follow their favorite esports teams and players.

Low entry barriers

Unlike traditional sports, esports offer a relatively low entry barrier. Before enjoying your favorite video games, you can play now 1xBet casino and explore its wide selection of forms of entertainment.


Anyone with a gaming device and an internet connection can participate in or spectate esports competitions. This accessibility has allowed esports to attract a diverse and inclusive audience. This also includes individuals who may not have had the opportunity to participate in or follow traditional sports. At 1xBet you can play at its casino now, where you can spend some time before the next great esports competition begins.

A professional sport that has expanded globally

Esports has a global reach that transcends geographical boundaries. Unlike traditional sports, which are often regionally focused, esports tournaments and leagues are international in nature. This global appeal has allowed esports to tap into a massive and diverse fan base. This has resulted in tournaments being broadcasted and attended by fans from around the world. Punters can make 1xBet esports betting online on events taking place all across the world.

Finally, the establishment of professional esports organizations, governing bodies, and leagues has contributed significantly to its growth. These structures have provided stability, standardization, and opportunities for players to pursue esports as a full-time career. The development of dedicated training facilities, coaching staff, and player support systems has further professionalized the industry. This has attracted top talent and increased the level of competition. The 1xBet platform has an online esports betting section as well, where you can also wager on professional players.


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