Blueface Net Worth, Relationships, Career, and Legal Troubles

Blueface Net Worth, Relationships, Career, and Legal Troubles

Jonathan Jamall Porter, professionally named Blueface, is a renowned rapper and songwriter in the United States. With the fame he enjoys, it is not a surprise that Blueface net worth is a whopping $4 million.

He is the perfect example of how a childhood interest can be cultivated to create a superstar.

Right from his younger days, Porter liked listening to rap songs. His favorites will make you nostalgic as they include Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and The Game.

As the boy was a brilliant football player back in his high school days, his becoming a rapper came as a pleasant surprise to those who knew him.

But in 2017, Porter started rapping and this is when he renamed himself to Blueface Bleedem. After almost a year into the field, his claim to fame happened to be a music video that he released the next year.

The video was named “Respect My Crippin” and it made the masses fall in love with his unique style of rapping. This video became so viral that its release was followed by a flood of memes on social media.

This is perhaps why it is said that one must always pursue their interest if that’s what gives them happiness. Because it is only in the pursuit of interest that one achieves their vision.

NameJonathan Jamall Porter (Blueface Bleedem)
ProfessionRapper, Boxer
Age26 years
Height6 feet 3 inches
Birth PlaceCalifornia, Los Angeles
EducationHigh School Graduate
DOBJanuary 20, 1997
Years active2017-present
ParentsNot known
YouTube channel@bluefacebleedem8218
Subscriber2.16 M
Favorite foodBarbecue

What is Blueface net worth

As mentioned, Blueface net worth amounts to almost $4 million. Well, this figure is not surprising at all when you consider the various sources of income the rapper has. Of course, there is his rapping career which is nothing but glorious.

Since his video went viral in 2018, the rapper’s career has been on an upswing. He has released multiple rapping videos such as Bleed It, Tik Tok, One Time, Baby, First Class and Hello. No wonder then that your answer to how much Blueface net worth is not just clear but also justified. With such a lengthy series of music videos, it is not surprising that the rapper has made it a fertile source of income for himself.

While Blueface has a wide social media presence across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Only Fans, it is his earnings from the last source that is often on the news. Reportedly, the star makes almost up to $30-35K per month from just OnlyFans.

While the social media platform has been known for cringe as well as entertaining content, Blueface is a creator with only entertaining content. Needless to say, with his talent in music, the rapper has made OnlyFans one of the main sources of Blueface net worth.

Blueface net worth 2023$4 million
Blueface net worth 2022$3 million
Blueface net worth 2021$2.7 million
Blueface net worth 2020$2.4 million
Blueface net worth 2019$1 million

Early Life and Childhood

Born on January 20, 1997, in Los Angeles, this is where he grew up and attended school. He grew up in Mid-City where he went to multiple schools. But, he later shifted to Santa Clarita Valley where he lived with his mother.

After some years, the young lad decided to move yet again. This time he shifted to Oakland to live with his father. However, he moved back to Los Angeles once again a few years later where he attended Arleta High School.

He was engaged in a lot of extra-curricular activities like football and marching band. He was also a well-known saxophone player back in school. However, out of all his extra-curricular activities, the one that he excelled the most at was football.

During his stint in the school, he led the football team to many championships including East Valley League Championship. He played football for almost 3 years after that. During this period, Blueface also went on to play college football at Fayetteville State University before leaving it for good in 2016.

Soon after, he started steering towards rapping where he made it big by 2018. He has even portrayed his stint with football in one of his videos which is the remix for Thotiana. The video shows a young chap who disobeys his football coach to pursue a career that helps him get closer to women and money.

What he liked doing since childhood is what he eventually pursued as a full-time career. This simply shows that life has a way of getting to you with its untimed surprises. Also, they seem untimed simply because you least expected them.

Career and Successes

While the rapper rose to stardom with his video Respect My Crippin in 2018, he ventured into the industry almost a year before that. In 2017, Jonathan Jamall Portar renamed himself to Blueface Bleedem.

However, it is interesting how he arrived at rapping as his career choice. After he dropped out of Fayetteville and moved back to Los Angeles, he visited a friend.

It is here that he was unexpectedly challenged to rap over a beat. When he managed to do it successfully and impressed the onlookers, he decided to start working on his first release immediately. This was eventually named Deadlocs.

Soon after, he released Famous Cryp in the same year. He released both his albums on SoundCloud. The release of two back-to-back songs earned him quite the fan following within California. This is when he decided to take the next plunge in his rapping career.

Towards the end of 2018, the rapper released Two Coccy on SoundCloud and Spotify where it was widely accepted by people. However, the songs’ performances could best be described as average until a sudden twist of fate happened in October.

In October 2018, he released Respect My Crippin which as you know by now became viral almost instantly. The virality of this song made people listen to his other songs like Thotiana and Next Big Thing.

Social media growth

Being a Gen Z star, he knows where his audience lies. Once his songs became viral and the number of followers on Instagram rose, he decided to hold a contest through his IG stories. The contest made his fans relate to him and feel as if they were closer to him.

This only led to more following. The positive effects of all these things began to reflect soon when he was signed by Cash Money West, a renowned record studio. Once he signed the dotted line, the rapper posted pictures in the label’s Canada office with Drake and Quavo on Instagram. This simply took social media by storm.

As you can see, the list of his achievements is endless. He released many more albums and singles like Dirt Bag, Daddy, Bussdown and Stop Cappin.

Those who believe he is too young to have achieved such fame and money should also notice the pace at which the rapper has released his albums and singles.

It takes immense effort and almost drains the creative mind to create something new and from scratch every time. This is exactly what makes creative professions quite challenging to pursue. But not for exceptional individuals such as Blueface.

An insane amount of dedication is what enabled Blueface to rise to the stardom that he attained in almost no time as compared to his peers. He is known as one of the most famous rappers all over the Globe. This is why Blueface net worth of $4 million doesn’t seem surprising at all.

Blueface’s Stint with Boxing

A stimulated mind can never stick to one thing. Now, this also is a matter of perspective. While some might think that experimenting with different activities is a sign of deviation or fickle-mindedness, others will say it is how the creative juices flow.

Well, in the case of Blueface, it is the latter as the rapper announced that he was going to participate in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. He debuted against Tiktoker Kane Trujillo and defeated the latter after three consecutive rounds.

With a victory as scintillating as this one, no wonder that the rapper kept getting more such offers in the following year too. He was even selected for two exhibition matches in 2022. However, owing to a public spat he had with his girlfriend, he was removed from both matches.

However, in 2023, the resilient boxer will be back in the ring with his game for the High Stakes Tournament being held in the Wembley Area in London. While he has tasted success in his boxing career, his earnings from boxing are not known. Hence, we can’t tell you whether boxing has contributed to Blueface net worth.

Controversies and Legal Troubles

Stardom comes with glitter but all that glitters can be gold or blinding to the eyes; it depends completely on how you deal with the stardom. In the case of Blueface, along the path to success, he has had a few brushes with legal issues.

In 2018, the rapper was robbed by a man who fled in his car after the robbery. However, Blueface tried to shoot at the robber’s car for which he was later arrested as it was recognised as a crime in the state of California which is where the incident occurred.

He was released afterwards when a whopping bail amount of $69,000 was paid in November of that year. He went to the police lockup once again in 2019. This time it was because he had an unregistered, loaded gun with him which the police discovered.

However, out of all his legal brushes, the worst has to be the one that happened in 2022. He was arrested for an attempted murder and shooting in Las Vegas. The rapper went to Clark County Detention Center as he was guilty.

Despite all the incidents that you read above, his fans are rock solid and always by his side. If anything, the number of fans has only increased with each passing year. His talent surpasses his reputation on any given day.

Blueface Relationships

Blueface has been in a serious and committed relationship with American rapper, Christian Rock. The versatile rapper is also a famous television personality. The duo started dating way back in 2020.

However, in 2023, things took a serious turn when Rock announced her pregnancy. She took to Instagram and shared the news publicly. She also shared how she felt about the whole thing and how glad it made her.

Before Rock, Blueface was also involved with Jaidyn Alexis. Though they had an on-and-off relationship, the duo has a kid, a 5-year-old boy. Apart from his son with Jaidyn, there is of course his newborn baby girl with Rock.

For those of you wondering about Blueface Baby net worth, well that would be a cumulative of Blueface networth and that of the respective mothers in both cases.

Final thoughts

Thus, this is a story of an amazing life which is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. From football to marching band to rapping to boxing. Blueface has done it all. He is not one to shy away from venturing into new avenues and he has proven this with his actions many times.

And not just the number of activities or professions he has pursued, one simply cannot ignore the monumental success he has achieved in each of them. This is why Blueface net worth of $4 million doesn’t seem astounding when you look at the diligence that went behind it. Well, as is said, some are born to excel and turn anything they touch into gold. That is the kind of gleam that Blueface has.


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